2 Mello's Adult Swim inspired album of jazz hip hop beats, 'midnight broadcasts vol. 1'

Haven't heard this enough times to pass judgement, but trust that I am going to listen many times to figure things out. This is the latest, hottest, jazziest fire that Mello has dropped since, oh right, EarthBIG. When I think Mello couldn't hit me in the core of my nerd any harder than Nastlevania, he dedicates a full album to those surreal messages from the dudes at Williams Street, those classic Adult Swim bumps you'd read, and hear, between the various animated series. I'll save my own trip down memory lane for another time, but rest assured Mello has channeled those late night moods right here. 

Even if you don't care a thing for Adult Swim or what old people say about cartoons, you can't deny the laid back funk that breezes along in every beat. I'm floating down a god damn river of music, and Mello is the captain of these relaxing waves of sound. That's an analogy right? Whatever, I'm just going to listen to this album and chill out…

Oh but before I go, check out 2 Mello's Patreon page, and support him in making the now, I'm officially calling it, LONG AWAITED eventual rap album. 

I made this album as a tribute to the jazzy music expertly selected to accompany Adult Swim late-night bumps, especially those between 2004 and 2008.

I was trying to capture a piece of my past. I think I’ve done it and it feels so relieving. Please have a relaxing time with me for the duration of these songs. Each of these songs makes me feel just as I did staying up late on school nights, watching these oddly alluring images play on my TV with a few abstract phrases here and there.

This is a visual project too. Each track has a “bump” image I made to represent its sound. The download and song file metadata includes these pictures, and I definitely recommend looking at them while listening.

Please check out Adult Swim bumps at www.bumpworthy.com
— 2 Mello