Intense Techno music by Blipperactive in the indie game 'Greedy Guns - Original Game Soundtrack'


I'm glad indie games exist. Not just for their great game content, but for the fact that it has let such a vast array of musicians to contribute to all these games. So it goes with the new indie game Greedy Guns. Blipperactive has composed some intense dance beats that build up and then shake your eardrums for a minute. Current favorite track for me is Thief, and I bump some Mother Roll on the SUBCON podcast as well.

Greedy Guns is a metroidvania inspired co-op 2D shooter released on September 1st, 2017. This album will contain extended versions of the gameplay tracks.

All tracks composed, performed and produced by Blipperactive aka Miguel Cintra. Cello by Sandra Martins on tracks 9 & 11.
— Miguel Cintra