BestLuck Original Game Soundtrack by Spencer Bambrick

BestLuck Original Game Soundtrack by Spencer Bambrick

New York based composer Spencer Bambrick has released a collection of music from the currently in development indie game BestLuck. The album bio describes BestLuck as, “...a story-driven puzzle game set in a dreamworld. The narrative is beautiful and emotional, with a soundtrack to fit the mood.” The soundtrack we are discussing right now. The bio continues, “The music features a string quartet and solo soprano voice. This chamber ensemble sets the tone, and highlights the heartfelt events that occur in BestLuck.”

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Intense Techno music by Blipperactive in the indie game 'Greedy Guns - Original Game Soundtrack'

Intense Techno music by Blipperactive in the indie game 'Greedy Guns - Original Game Soundtrack'

I'm glad indie games exist. Not just for their great game content, but for the fact that it has let such a vast array of musicians to contribute to all these games. So it goes with the new indie game Greedy Guns. Blipperactive has composed some intense dance beats that build up and then shake your eardrums for a minute. Current favorite track for me is Thief, and I bump some Mother Roll on the SUBCON podcast as well.

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Treasure Buster Original Soundtrack is a love letter to Sega Genesis by Norrin_Radd

Norrin Radd drops an infectious collection of Sega Genesis FM chip based arrangements, 

This is Norrin_Radd meets Sega Genesis!

It is my humble pleasure to be able to present this album to all of you. I have to thank Reggie Schreiber for putting this project together and for letting me get *plenty* weird with the music. The entire soundtrack is written using accurate Sega Genesis 4OP FM synthesis, and accurate percussion.

Follow my ongoing series “Treasure Buster Composition Methods” on YouTube for an inside look at how all this crazy stuff was created and what my influences were.

And don’t forget to play the game! Reggie has outdone himself in every possible way and is a fantastic collaborator! Without him I wouldn’t have had the ability to dedicate 4 months making and paying tribute to Sega Genesis FM music!

Wondering what the big deal is about FM? Check out the #SummerOfFM

Artwork by Reggie Schreiber
— Matt Creamer Audio

Indie game chiptune soundtrack 'Halloween Forever' by bc likes you

More month late Halloween creepiness coming your way! This one was a game / soundtrack that was recommended to me a while back (on Halloween, geez guys, come on). At least this one is called 'Halloween Forever' so to be fair, I could post it any time of the year.

This is the soundtrack to Halloween Forever, a game made by Pete Lazarski. Definitely check it out and pick up a copy!

Get the game here -

Check out Pete’s work here -

All tracks written by bc likes you except Mystic Ruins, Spooky Church, and Porphyry Palace written by bc likes you, Kate Shannon, and Mike Shannon.
— bc likes you

Listen to the ambient sounds of the Kenshi Original Soundtrack by Kole Audio Solutions

Surreal ambience rules the day on the Kenshi Original Soundtrack album, the latest from Kole Audio Solutions. Slow builds, longing notes, and endless, windswept vibes engulf and bury you like a slow motion sandstorm. 

The game Kenshi is an indie game with quirky, randomly generated musical moods. KAS has taken these tracks and arranged them specially for the OST, which is available to download now for $5 from the Kole Audio Solutions bandcamp page

The music system in Kenshi has been designed in such a way, that as you play through the game the engine randomly selects from a handful of different musical elements to create new compositional excerpts. It is this ambient approach and “non-player interactivity” of the music that reinforces Kenshi’s indifferent tone. Obviously for a traditional Soundtrack release we can not recreate the randomization of this music system (yet). However, we can get close and musically sculpt each track with wide brushstrokes to capture the same feeling.

In addition to the gameplay music, the Kenshi Original Soundtrack features the Main Title and a few other traditional recordings that can be heard throughout the game. Put on a good set of headphones and let the music transport you to the windy dunes, overgrown swamps, and unexplored wilderness of Kenshi. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!
— Kole Audio Solutions

Fat Bard's adventurous chiptune soundtrack to indie game Blitz Breaker

Play video game. Listen to soundtrack to video game I've never played. Some decisions I thought I would never have to make. Check out the wonderful Blitz Breaker OST by Fat Bard. Don't ask me what the game is about though, I don't even have a steam account. get off my back. Old school! (That's my excuse at least.)

The OST is a grand fusion of chiptune styles, from the high flying dance off of opening title track Blitz Breaker, through to more ominous adventure fare like Baby Steps and TESS. The one constant is the ever rolling sounds of action and adventure.

The soundtrack for Blitz Breaker, composed by Fat Bard, features all of the music created for the game full remastered along with a few remixes. Over an hour of awesome for your ears.

MIDI For All:
We’re also including the MIDI files for EVERY SONG IN THE GAME so anyone that wants to make a remix will have all the notes we used. Just import the MIDI into your audio software and go at it! Here’s a link to download the MIDI files:

About the Game:
Blitz Breaker is a simple, accessible twitch platformer with one small change: Your character can’t run.

Play as an adorable little robot named Blitz, where your goal is to escape the factory you were built in. The problem is that it seems like everything is trying to break you! That is, with the exception of Chip: A friendly computer helper who is totally your friend!

— Fat Bard

Fate Tectonics OST - SNES inspired electronic music by Robby Duguay

Fate is calling. 

Robby Duguay had me at 'SNES-style symphonic mix.' Listening to the album helped a lot too of course. you might remember Duguay from my praise for his previous OST release. Much like We Are Doomed from earlier this year, Robby has taken one of his dynamic game soundtracks and organized them into a soothing trek reminiscent of classic 16 bit RPGs in his newest album.

I'm only describing half the album though. Tracks 10-18 of this 19 track album are collectively known as (Chaos) and feature a much heavier electronic vibe that gets surprisingly intense as Duguay's instrument choices vary wildly between tracks. So varied in fact, that before I looked at the track list I thought I was listening to a completely new set of songs. I can't help but be drawn into the synthy dubstep boss battle or whatever it is that is happening in the chaos version of "Pestilence," of course, the ominous squarewave wailing of the Serenity version has a place in my heart too.

Killer cut though? On first listen it was definitely "Fire (Chaos)" with that grinding march of an opener it's tough not to be immediately pumped before the song is even in full swing. As I listen again though, I am actually falling in love with the deep, driving sounds of winter in "Ice (Chaos)." In fact, I'm pretty sure I found all the background music I need for a future podcast thanks to these epic closing tracks.

Unlike many albums, Duguay closes with the titular Fate Tectonics, which comes as a restful reprise after the tracks I just mentioned. You can check out the Fate Tectonics game by Golden Gear over at and buy Robby Duguay's music on his Bandcamp music page.

I pitched the idea of dynamic music to the team and they loved it; it turns out that they already had a robust audio tool in place, so it wasn’t much work to get the first tests running. The 16-bit style really inspired me to reach for the kinds of sounds I loved hearing on Super Nintendo. After a few sound tests, I settled in on the voicing and the style, and the sound of Fate Tectonics was born. I’ve had to tweak the voices a few times to get the sound I want. The last additions were Fortuna and Ragnarosa, since their game mode was created fairly late in the development of the game. They are basically goth ravers dancing under a bridge, so I figured a layer of raver beats never hurt anybody…

When it came time to compile a soundtrack, it was actually fairly difficult to arrange, because the music only existed as stems – I had to imagine a story from the gameplay that I wanted to tell, and mix the voices in a way that would work as linear music. I decided that because there were so many options, I would give listeners a choice of whether they wanted to hear the symphonic style of Serenity, or the dance beats from Fortuna and Ragnarosa (distinguished on the album by the ‘Serenity’ and ‘Chaos’ titles in brackets on each track).
— Robby Duguay

Check out the relaxing dreeps Original Soundtrack by Kyohei Fujita

Soft, refreshing, tunes rise into epic fight themes in the dreeps OST by Japanese game composer Kyohei Fujita. Great use of various noises and glitched-out effects throughout, but especially in the intense closing tracks.

dreeps Original Soundtrack is out!!

You can download it on the composer Kyohei Fujita’s Bandcamp page.

Kyohei Fujita as a unique style which mixes chiptune with various influences, check it out!

■dreeps original soundtrack streaming/download link on Bandcamp:

■Other links:
Kyohei Fujita official site:

dreeps official site::
dreeps release trailer:
App Store:

WE ARE DOOMED OST ∞ by Robby Duguay available now

Some of these infectious beats are definitely going into an upcoming Subcon Podcast. This OST has got those claustrophic, Super Metroid style electronic beats going. Very catchy, but with just the right amount of glitchy dissonance to keep your wits about you.  The unique samples give this album a lot of life. The way that the music builds based on the stages of WE ARE DOOMED creates an ever intensifying album experience as well. At least until you're kicked to the main screen with the ending track, "ways of being doomed (menu)."

The official soundtrack to Vertex Pop‘s 2D twin-stick survival shooter, WE ARE DOOMED. Ambient vocal samples and FM synthesizers layer over each other to foster a meditative state in the listener. As the waves of visually striking polygonal baddies swarm, the music glitches more and more, transforming into an intense digital soundscape. Composed and produced by Robby Duguay at Bento Miso in Toronto, Canada.

Release schedule for the game:
PS4 (North America), April 14th 2015
PS4 (Europe), April 15th 2015
Xbox One (Worldwide), April 17th 2015
Steam (PC and Mac), April 21st 2015
PSVita, Summer 2015

The album is an extended followup to the 2014 WE ARE DOOMED OST EP album, featuring remastered versions of the original game mode tunes, plus 16 minutes of all-new music from the game’s endless mode.
— Robby Duguay

Guacamelee! Week ends with the 'Super Turbo Bonus Track'


The saga ends with the ultimate 'Championship Edition'

A whole week dedicated to Guacamelee! Comes to an end, but I hope the franchise continues for some time. To end the week, I introduce not one, but two songs. Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is the full title of the deluxe version of the game. The Wii U version of which is how I got into the title.

Enjoy two versions of the 'Canal de las Flores' theme included in the expanded game. 

You can learn more about Guacamelee! and the developers Drinkbox Studios on their website, and by following them via Twitter @drinkboxstudios

Share some of your favorite tracks from the Guacamelee! albums, and be sure to let us know what other games and video game moments of history we should honor in the future.

Support: The final stretch for Band Saga Kickstarter

Concept Art from Band Saga 

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get around to this news until recently. Luckily, it isn't too late. These are the final days of  the Kickstarter push for the indie developed roguelike Band Saga. Just like a busted old tour van, this project needs just one more push to get them to their destination and live the rock n roll indie dev dream.

The game is based on classic randomly generated roguelikes. Not only are you a musician, but you will wield the power of music to cause an array of effects to the game. As of this writing, the team is a mere 5K short of their $29,000 goal with less than two days to go. Support the Band Saga Project over on their official kickstarter page.