Listen to the ambient sounds of the Kenshi Original Soundtrack by Kole Audio Solutions

Surreal ambience rules the day on the Kenshi Original Soundtrack album, the latest from Kole Audio Solutions. Slow builds, longing notes, and endless, windswept vibes engulf and bury you like a slow motion sandstorm. 

The game Kenshi is an indie game with quirky, randomly generated musical moods. KAS has taken these tracks and arranged them specially for the OST, which is available to download now for $5 from the Kole Audio Solutions bandcamp page

The music system in Kenshi has been designed in such a way, that as you play through the game the engine randomly selects from a handful of different musical elements to create new compositional excerpts. It is this ambient approach and “non-player interactivity” of the music that reinforces Kenshi’s indifferent tone. Obviously for a traditional Soundtrack release we can not recreate the randomization of this music system (yet). However, we can get close and musically sculpt each track with wide brushstrokes to capture the same feeling.

In addition to the gameplay music, the Kenshi Original Soundtrack features the Main Title and a few other traditional recordings that can be heard throughout the game. Put on a good set of headphones and let the music transport you to the windy dunes, overgrown swamps, and unexplored wilderness of Kenshi. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!
— Kole Audio Solutions