The eclectic Pixel Privateers Original Soundtrack by Kole Audio Solutions

Kole Audio Solutions is back with the soundtrack to Pixel Privateers. Foreboding sounds, and smooth jazz robots an everything in between in this incredible little soundtrack. I played the wonderful final track The Ballad of Leo and Tristan on a recent SUBCON podcast. It's so damn good. I've had it stuck in my head for some time now. Talk about the perfect closer. at least, if it really is the closing track in the game. I haven't played a steam game myself in many, many years.

Explore the musical cosmos with the original Soundtrack to Quadro Delta’s Sci-Fi themed Squad based tactical RPG, Pixel Privateers! All of your favorite cantina tunes, combat cues, & exploration tracks comprise this eclectic Soundtrack. So buckle up, slap on that space helmet, & get ready for an intergalactic ride through the aural universe of Pixel Privateers!
— Kole Audio Solutions