GameBreax drops GameBreakers Vol 2, an album of video game inspired hip hop

Only took me nearly a year to really sit down and enjoy this one. It was definitely worth the wait! Check out some of my favorite tracks like perhaps the best Knuckles rap yet??? in SVK, or the high production quality and infectiously upbeat sounds of Game Boys.

If you're a fan of this whole video game hip hop thing, then this is an essential album in your collection.

The next level of nerdcore music is here! From Mario, Mega Man and Link trying to win the heart of a princess to Sonic and Knuckles dueling in a rap battle for Sega supremacy, GameBreakers Vol 2 is stacked full of character and lore based lyricism with cutting edge instrumentation. You’ve never heard your favorite video game heroes represented like this. Download this modern day masterpiece of gaming history today.
— GameBreax