Big Al's Big ALbum of nostalgia based hip hop jams

Big video game jams

Big Al is a nerdcore hip-hop artist with much love for old-school rap, TV, movies, and video games. His MENSA-level I.Q. qualifies him to speak on a panoply of topics, drawing from an endless cache of primarily useless trivia knowledge.

Big Al’s Jams are fresh spins on a variety of hip-hop, dance, and electro-funk styles. Audiences can expect an over-the-top performance at live shows with breakdancers, go-go girls, and bizarre background visuals.

Currently residing in Richmond, VA, Big Al has performed regularly at San Francisco’s 8BitSF, as well as Rockage, Day of Games, Reno Game Expo, California Extreme, and MAGFest’s Jamspace.
— Big Al's Jams