Friends of Graphics on Televisions gather for Another Pun

Graphics on Television knows that the best thing after a pun, is Another Pun. 

This album has seriously grown on me since I first downloaded it. I even played my favorite track, Let It Out on an episode of my Subcon Podcast.

This also hits my sweet spot of band arrangements of chiptune originals. Why a song gotta be in a game before you can remix it, huh? 

Believe me when I say this album comes highly recommended. 

Bonus tracks included with full album download. 

Another Pun is a re-envisioning of our album Pun, 
selflessly brought to life by the unstoppable crew below. 

(We simply can't thank you enough, everybody!!) 

Color Burn - Two Floors 

pretzels malone - in wells we well plastic 

Fake It - Drawing Game 


§teinberg - Icicle 

Couch King - Let It Out! 

Weighty Tree - Let It Out! 

Ang Kerfoot - Let It Out! 

Woz Supposedly - Let It Out! 

Mayor of Donutville - The First Word 

Hand Puppet Euphoria - The Line 

E-Ruizzo - Tardigrade & Tattlesnakes 

John SaraStro - Around The Corner 

Cabo Pozo - Well Plastic Zero (bonus track) 

Around The Other Corner (bonus track) 

All material not taken directly from Pun was 
written and performed by the respective artists. 

Mastering - Takamichi Osada (Studio Moopies) 

Art - Reiko Ozawa 

If you have enjoyed this album, please support the 
artists who made it by listening to their other music. 
(Links above and on individual track pages.) 

We would like to give special thanks to SoundCloud. 
Without SoundCloud, the idea for this album would 
never have been conceived. 

This album is based on our album Pun: