A loving tribute to Pokemon with 'PokéMemories Vol.02' by Pokérus

A loving tribute to Pokemon with 'PokéMemories Vol.02' by Pokérus

Another heartfelt tribute to the infectious and nostalgic themes of the Pokemon series. No one does tributes the best selling Nintendo RPG quite like Pokerus. Clearly, from the name, you can tell Pokerus' music is quite intertwined with Pokemon. As such the attention and style of this album is quite impressive, and a great listen for Pokemon fans of any generation.

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An eclectic tribute to the music of Super Metroid, 'C A Z A D O R A' from the Pixel Quemado collective

An eclectic tribute to the music of Super Metroid, 'C A Z A D O R A' from the Pixel Quemado collective

Covering the music of the Metroid series is very hit or miss. Stray too far from the source material and it can be too different from the ambient sounds of planet Zebes, or SR388, etc. Play it too close to the source material and now it's too ambient and ominous to be true listening music. Well the Pixel Quemado crew has a handle on the fickle music of Metroid and so they have dropped over a dozen tracks in a variety of styles, and all dedicated to possibly the best damn game ever made.

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Game music collective Pixel Mixers present a tribute to classic 2D Legend of Zelda with the Hylian Downfall compilation

Game music collective Pixel Mixers present a tribute to classic 2D Legend of Zelda with the Hylian Downfall compilation

An album dedicated to the music of Legend of Zelda. Now this is something I won't get sick of. I won't even feign to be sick of it, the way I do with Final Fantasy or Tetris. There are three discs worth of music here, which adds up to over 2 hour, for anyone who doesn't remember discs that played roughly 80 minutes of music. Sixty musicians cover dozens of songs, all from back before these newfangled 3-dimensional Zelda games hit the scene. It's all classic top down themes (except the side-scrolling Zelda 2, of course), and it's time to take a deep dive into Pixel Mixers' tribute to classic Zelda games.

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Piano arrangements of classic Super Nintendo RPG's in 'Illusion of Mana' by srmusic

Piano arrangements of classic Super Nintendo RPG's in 'Illusion of Mana' by srmusic

This piano tribute to classic Super Nintendo games from Square (now Square-Enix, so I've heard) will turn you into a blubbering JRPG fanboy in mere moments. Evocative arrangements of some standards from the likes of Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and more. 

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The aptly named Game music remix album by DDRKirby(ISQ), 'Remixes - Volume 1'

The aptly named Game music remix album by DDRKirby(ISQ), 'Remixes - Volume 1'

This album kicks off with an ultra upbeat remix of one of my all time favorite game soundtracks, Super Mario RPG. That kicks off an opening block of Super Mario based, pipe heavy, dance mixes. Things go indie wit remixes of Crypt of the Necrodancer, Shuttle Rush, and more. There are also, even more Mario RPG remixes! What an album! 

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GameLark releases expansive Final Fantasy series tribute Mog's Mixtape

Over 2 hours of remixes by dozens of video game inspired musicians. All in tribute to the beloved music of the Final Fantasy series. From the NES classic to the current era of big budget titles, this collection from GameLark spans years of classic gaming moments and themes.

Mog’s Mixtape is a loving tribute to the Final Fantasy series featuring over 30 artists and 2 hours of covers. The album features music from every main game in the series, from Final Fantasy I to XIV, and even Final Fantasy Tactics. With a vast array of genres represented, Mog’s Mixtape is the most dynamic and eclectic album that GameLark has released to date. In fact, the variety and volume of music required a different approach to the album arrangement. “Given the sheer amount of music on the album, it made sense to separate this into two distinct musical journeys,” says Allen Brasch, GameLark creator and manager. “Disc 1 is a more light-hearted affair with battle themes and beautiful soundscapes. Disc 2 presents a more arduous journey and ends with the Game Over theme. Each disc stands on its own and can be experienced individually or together. It’s really the listener’s choice.” No matter how you decide to listen to this album, the works of Nobuo Uematsu and other composers will come to life in captivating ways. Final Fantasy is a series revered for its music, and with Mog’s Mixtape, we hope to honor that legacy.

Album art done by Ian Murray: www.ianmurraystudio.com Album mastering done by AHmusic: https://www.youtube.com/c/ahrecordings
— GameLark

Theophany returns to Termina in 'Time's End II: Majora's Mask Remixed'

Theophany returns with a sequel to one of his most popular albums. Time's End II rearranges ten more memorable themes from the Nintendo 64 classic Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask. It's been nearly four years since the original Time's End was released, and folks like I are still more than excited for more remixes from perhaps the most misunderstood game in the Zelda franchise.

Time’s End II is the follow up to Theophany’s original remix album of Majora’s Mask, released in 2012. Building on the apocalyptic themes of Majora’s Mask, the new album explores Link’s journey through Woodfall and the southern swamps of Termina. The first album focused on Link’s struggle during the 3-day cycle while Disc 2 builds toward the first major turning of the game. It harkens back to the players’ feelings of hope as Link discovers a way to stop the moon from falling. This free album is a tribute to Majora’s Mask and a thank you to fans who have patiently supported Theophany since the release of Disc 1.
— Materia Collective

Stirring orchestral tribute to Skyrim by Rozen 'Keizaal: Journey to Skyrim'

An enticing trip through the sounds of Skyrim thanks to Rozen and the Materia Collective. Such perfect Winter music. This is the type of album I have to keep in my back pocket for when the desert heat rises to temperatures so high that the only respite is trying to think as cold as possible.

Let the chilling winds of Skyrim take you back to where the snow is thick and dragons abound. From musical storyteller Rozen comes an experience out of the coldest corner of Tamriel, awaiting your discovery in this orchestral and cinematic rendition of some of Jeremy Soule’s masterpieces.

Discover more at keizaal.com

Full credits: www.materiacollective.com/music/keizaal-journey-to-skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and related Skyrim properties are © 2011 Bethesda Softworks LLC. Materia Collective and Rozen are in no way affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Bethesda. Musical compositions are © 2011 Bethesda Softworks LLC and are used with the permission of ZeniMax Media Inc & PEN Music Group, Inc.
— Rozen

A review of the genre spanning, multi-game medleys of 'Chaos Theatre' by The Runaway Four

A review of the genre spanning, multi-game medleys of 'Chaos Theatre' by The Runaway Four

It's the long awaited debut studio album from Vancouver's The Runaway Four. The six song album reminds me of classic rock albums like Pink Floyd. I'm talking, the type of album that only has half a dozen tracks, but lasts an hour and takes you through a variety of genres and emotions.

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Debut album by ACMenes, 'Meet The Light' a Jazz rock tribute to Kid Icarus

It's been five years since the phenomenal and one of a kind game Kid Icarus Uprising came out on the Nintendo 3DS. That means in only fifteen years, another veteran developer will dust this IP off the shelf and give it another grandiose reboot.

That is a long way off, but fan and fighter of Pit, ACMenes keeps light alive in this hard rocking four track EP dedicated to the Kid Icarus games. Through four tracks, we hear a variety of styles from key themes in the series, starting off hard with a rearrangement of Dark Pit. This is one of my personal favorite themes from Kid Icarus Uprising since it was featured in the stage I played most repeatedly. A heavy attack of guitar, drums, and horns create the perfect background music for an intense battle with your greatest rival. Though Dark Pit is my favorite track in the game, I think my favorite track on this album has to go to Hades. This laid back jazz rendition of another favorite theme from KI:U has a smooth tone perfect for the king of the underworld to snap his fingers to. 

The intensity picks up again in the slow but aggressive Destroyed Skyworld, but descends into some somber tones before driving the song home. Like the best rock albums, the final track is a wistful ballad titled 'Home.' The album closes on a soft note, and left me with a lot of nostalgia for my favorite 3DS game, Kid Icarus Uprising. Maybe I'll even pick up my dusty old GCN controller and put in a few rounds of Smash as my personal main, Palutena.

“Meet The Light” is a 4-track EP of music from the Kid Icarus series, remixed in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the series.

For more information on the album and the guest artists, please download the album (it’s free!) and see the liner notes.
— ACMenes

The debut album of heavy metal Super Nintendo remixes in 'Blasters & Daggers' by Super MadNES

Only recently heard of these folks but I'm already excited to catch them live at the Southern California Retro Gaming Expo. That's right, It's almost time for SoCalRetGamEx! The Super MadNES will be fired up along with Viking Guitar, The Koopas, and Vic Viper.

The album Blasters & Daggers is an intense wall of heavy metal, with every gritty note dedicated to the greatest console of all time, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Fire up some Capcom classics in your trusty Heavy Metal System and rock out to classic themes from Mega Man X and Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts. 

All instruments played, performed and recorded by Nico Saavedra and Ryan Iyengar.
Guest guitar solo on “Armored Armadillo” by Gabriel Hidalgo.
Drums played & performed on Roland TD9 Electronic Drum Kit. No Midi used.

Produced, arranged and mixed by Nico Saavedra.
Mastered by Will Mott @ 73 Productions.
Artwork by Ben Hosac @ benhosac.com

Logo, Design, Album Layout and Website by Sara Saavedra @ moonrisecreative.com
— Super MadNES

Shiryu releases NLA Blues, epic two dozen track tribute to Xenoblade Chronicles X

I was stuck in the world of New LA and Xenoblade Chronicles X for hundreds of hours myself, and can confirm that tis is one lengthy and impressive album of remixes. Shiryu digs deep and carves out over two dozen rearrangements of music from the eclectic Xenoblade Chronicles X soundtrack.

“We took our planet for granted. We believed tomorrow was a certainty thus we grew arrogant and weak. And one day they came. In a flash of light, the Earth was gone. Millions of lives erased in a single, unstoppable moment. We sacrificed those millions to save a few thousand in generation ships we launched into space as our last resort to avoid the complete annihilation of Mankind.

An we ran, we ran scared and we ran into the depths of the unknown. The White Whale was one among dozens of ships and in it’s cargo hold, the habitat that we filled with the most precious cargo of all: Our Future. But they pursued and founds us. We fought them off time after time until eventually the White Whale was sunk and disintegrated on the fortuitous breathable atmosphere of a small planet we now call Mira. Fortune kept smiling on us because the habitat crash landed mostly intact on the surface and it became Humanity’s sole shining beacon of light, all alone in the night.

Welcome to the last city of Mankind. Welcome to New Los Angeles.”

Sometimes a video game comes that completely grips my imagination. It happened to me several times very the course of my three decades as a gamer: “Speedball 2”, “Dune”, “Secret of Mana”, “Star Fox”, “Super Metroid”, “Fire Emblem”, “Xenoblade Chronicles”, “Mass Effect 3” and... well, what can I say, I love to dream away from reality. The last of this very extensive list is non other then “Xenoblade Chronicles X” for the Wii U, a game that despite the name is not a direct sequel at all of the Wii (and now New 3DS) original RPG from Monolith Software. The soundtrack is rather varied for a JRPG, including hip hop , rock , jazz and some other genres mixed together that very well portray a New Los Angeles, the last know city of Mankind that crash landed on Planet Mira after a somewhat disastrous evacuation of Earth. I pretty much played this game from release non stop for over 3 months with my current save data clocking at over 640 hours (so far!) and although I finished the main story mode in around 120, I just kept coming back for more because it truly is a wonderful planet to further explore. Very much like my previous tribute album “Mass Effectively” came to be in 2013 after I completed “Mass Effect 3”, “NLA Blues” is a tribute to “Xenoblade Chronicles X”, with a mix of various styles spread across 26 tracks, each track representing a place in New Los Angeles. Even if you’ve never played the game, I hope you enjoy these. It took way longer to produce then my usual albums because there is so much great stuff going on in my life, I am really glad I managed to pull this off. It will always remind me of the time I spend playing this game and the pleasant stuff going on, but Life taught me never to take anything for granted. So cherish every moment, you never know when some ancient alien civilizations decides to use the Earth as a battlefield. and we have to migrate into outer space.
— Shiryu

Debut album by Frog & Cid 'Boss Chamber Music'

Debut album by Frog & Cid 'Boss Chamber Music'

Despite the fact that many classic video game tunes are indelibly seared into my brain, it has become less and less often that I actually get to go back and hear the original music that made me start this website in the first place. Luckily the debut release, Boss Chamber Music, from the duo of Frog & Cid have collected and rearranged a variety of vintage RPG jams. F&C do them up right with live arrangements from classics like Chrono Trigger, several Final Fantasy titles, Pokemon, and the Legend of Zelda. Over a dozen tracks, including several intriguing medleys that will take you through not just different scenes, but different games entirely.

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Hex.a.decimal, retro game rock debut by Megalixir

Returning for the first time. 

So I am going to try this again. The last time I covered Megalixir, the article was borked before it even went live. Basically, I've already reviewed Megalixir's debut album, but here I am again, apparently. Megalixir has saw fit to upload a new debut album featuring more retrogaming arrangements in that signature drum/guitar style. 

Perhaps if enough folks dig his tunes, they'll remain online, and if we are really lucky, how about reuploading that Kirby's Avalanche remix somewhere? I could use a theme song to my latest Let's Play series.

Hex.a.decimel is a collection of pieces inspired by video game themes. It captures the identity of the source material and articulates our collective translation.
— Megalixir

SquareLove EP - a taste of the future of The World is Square

Be square my heart. 

Tracks both new and old in the Square-Enix pantheon are featured in SquareLove, an EP that is essentially a preview of the fantastic compositions to come when The World Is Square's next full length album drops next year. Until that time, jam to some funky acoustic rearrangements of music from Bravely Default, FFIX, Breath of Fire, and Super Mario RPG.

“SquareLove” is an EP by The World is Square.
A full length featuring these songs and more will be available 2016.
— The World is Square

temp sound solutions & The Mountain Chiefs destructive new VG metal collaboration 'The Disadvantage Split'

True Co-op. 

This album takes us back to a more innocent time of VG Rock, before it was about the money (just kidding, there is no money here). The crunch is real, and grinds into your bones with every juicy, grimey riff.

The Mountain Chiefs crescendo with a pair of Mega Man 3 tracks early on, before a cleansing slow jam of Metroid clears the way for an album stealing descent into the depths of RC Pro Am

The Mountain Chiefs close up their end of the album with a wistful medley of music from Mother 1 and Earthbound. 

Temp Sound Solutions is on the receiving end of the baton pass, closing the album with the five final tracks. He uses his time wisely, getting down to business with what may be my favorite track on the album, the ominous 'moon party' The track feels as if someone were meandering around a black hole, playing chicken with the event horizon. Ultimately, TSS pulls away and the track ends on a rocket of drums and guitar.

Crazy Climber is the type of TSS track I could jam to all day just like the best VGM BGM back in them NES days. You can be sure that this track is worming it's way into a future episode of SUBCON. My appreciation for the sounds of TSS are clear when fulll on, no question about it rough riding rock tunes make it into my hip hop podcast. 

I wish i still had the time to drop one of my lengthy track by track reviews to really delve deep into the significance of this album. On a very related note, please check out the subscriber rewards available on my Patreon account. If I can get enough subscriber support, I'll have the ability to start a full time VGMetal podcast. How could you say no after headbanging to these heavy hitting arrangements? 

We’re bringing it back to the stone age of the VGM scene here. Gonna be a dirty one, so get ready to get Grimey.
— Lord Machino