EXCLUSIVE: Listen to NESMETAL's "Wrought WIth Fear," from upcoming chiptune album Dead Lights and Dark Towers

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NESMETAL is hard at work on his latest album, Dead Lights and Dark Towers. As proof, I present an exclusive track from the album, "Wrought With Fear."  

The full album is scheduled for release until Winter 2014, but the hype train for Dead Lights and Dark Towers starts right now. 

Wrought With Fear is four minutes of blistering, dark metal. The debut track from NESMETAL's forthcoming album is an intense journey into a gauntlet of danger that makes Dracula's castle look like a daycare. Machine gun drum synths and ominous metal riffs conjure up the image of a final boss battle against some nightmarish beast. If this track is any indication, then the 13 track full length album should be a hard hitting musical experience.

The original conception of Dead Lights and Dark Towers began nearly three years ago, which NESMETAL says is, "Definitely the longest it's taken for me to complete a project." Originally the working title for a series of poems, this endeavor has taken on a new form as a dark fantasy album that traverses moods of loss, death, and darkness, and becoming stronger through it. Each song is accompanied by the poems and writings that originally inspired the project. These writings, along with the forthcoming final artwork will also be compiled in a future special edition version of Dead Lights and Dark Towers sometime in 2015. 

You can check out the lyrics for Wrought With Fear through the link button below.