Materia Collective presents the SPIRA collection, two albums of 100 tracks dedicated to Final Fantasy x

Materia Collective presents the SPIRA collection, two albums of 100 tracks dedicated to Final Fantasy x

Sorry it took me so long to review this album, but I had to listen to it first! I grew a beard in that time. Okay, sorry. This is a legitimately grandiose album that is well worth sitting down and listening through 100 incredible and loving tributes to the PS2 classic Final Fantasy X.

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GameLark releases expansive Final Fantasy series tribute Mog's Mixtape

Over 2 hours of remixes by dozens of video game inspired musicians. All in tribute to the beloved music of the Final Fantasy series. From the NES classic to the current era of big budget titles, this collection from GameLark spans years of classic gaming moments and themes.

Mog’s Mixtape is a loving tribute to the Final Fantasy series featuring over 30 artists and 2 hours of covers. The album features music from every main game in the series, from Final Fantasy I to XIV, and even Final Fantasy Tactics. With a vast array of genres represented, Mog’s Mixtape is the most dynamic and eclectic album that GameLark has released to date. In fact, the variety and volume of music required a different approach to the album arrangement. “Given the sheer amount of music on the album, it made sense to separate this into two distinct musical journeys,” says Allen Brasch, GameLark creator and manager. “Disc 1 is a more light-hearted affair with battle themes and beautiful soundscapes. Disc 2 presents a more arduous journey and ends with the Game Over theme. Each disc stands on its own and can be experienced individually or together. It’s really the listener’s choice.” No matter how you decide to listen to this album, the works of Nobuo Uematsu and other composers will come to life in captivating ways. Final Fantasy is a series revered for its music, and with Mog’s Mixtape, we hope to honor that legacy.

Album art done by Ian Murray: Album mastering done by AHmusic:
— GameLark

'SIN' a heavy metal tribute to the music of Final Fantasy X by Knight of the Round

Man do I wish I had a metal podcast, I'd ask Tim Lydon of Year 200X fame if I could use the VGMMegacast name, and do it up right. Until that day though, I'll just be writing down my thoughts about great new metal albums like Knight of the Round here. 

SIN is a 4 song tribute to Final Fantasy X
— Knight of the Round

genoboost reviews the Final Fantasy VII commercial

genoboost reviews the Final Fantasy VII commercial

I hate Final Fantasy VII.

Well, I love Final Fantasy VII, but don't tell Final Fantasy VII I said that. FFVII doesn't deserve my love, but I often find myself thinking about all the good times we had together. It's such a toxic relationship.

It's going to take a few more therapy sessions before I'm comfortable digging into all that though. Today I simply want to discuss a small portion of the very rich meal that is Final Fantasy VII. There are a lot of layers to this RPG onion, and I want to focus solely on the dry skin, slowly fading under the produce section lights. I'll be dissecting Square's game changing game commercial which appeared on US television ahead of the games stateside release.

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Team Future & DJ DAX drop Final Fantasy inspired 'Future Fantasy Mixtape'


DJ Dax and Team Future combine to drop a hip hop future mixtape inspired by the Final Fantasy series. DAX even added the lyrics to Genius. Now that's dedication. Grab the album over on SoundCloud for free download, then read along with eleven tracks of JRPG based hip hop.

This is a surprise awesome album I wasn't expecting to run across, which is the best kind of album by the way. I still wonder why I got to hunt you folks down to write about your albums though. 

LYRICS IN DESCRIPTIONS & ON GENIUS // Hope we need. Hope we see. Hope we’ll be. Some need to see to believe, but what if what you wanted to see would happen if you believed it would?

DREAMERS by Zebes System, a chiptune rock tribute to Koji Kondo & Nobuo Uematsu~

Chipped and chopped up video game covers that will make you want remakes of classics, demakes of new games and everything in between. Zebes System pays tribute to the illustrious musical careers of Koji Kondo and Nobuo Uematsu in his 2010 album DREAMERS.

Sometimes I dream,  I wonder how my life would be different if only I heard this album when it was first released. So many nights would have rocked just that much harder. Don't suffer the same fate as I.

Tribute Album of Koji Kondo and Nobuo Uematsu Works
— Zebes System

Asis Galvin's retro hip hop remix album The Game Over Mixtape Vol 2

More dope beats from Asis Galvin in The Game Over Mixtape Vol 2. Like the album cover implies, there are plenty of hot Super Mario mixes to drop some lines to. Asis flips the script by tossing in a handful of laid back beats featuring music from the relatively very new Final Fantasy XIII-2 along with a couple other games new and old but all fresh.

Rap tribute to Final Fantasy, 'Our Fantasy II' album by LadyJ

Mystic Rap Quest

After establishing herself as chief engineer and founder of Wreck the System Recordings, the legendary LadyJ makes a triumphant return to nerdcore rap with her 10th album, Our Fantasy II: New Beginnings. Sequel to her classic Final Fantasy-inspired LP, this new concept album features the supersonic MC alongside guest vocalists Lamea and Chuma, with production handled by VG remixers Cam3 and DJ Mykah!

As an added bonus, those who purchase the digital album will get a special remastered edition of Our Fantasy I for free! These tracks have been faithfully re-mixed (some even re-recorded) to ensure the highest quality for longtime fans and newcomers alike!
— LadyJ

Eclectic video game remixes and arrangements in GameLark Records Volume 1

Anything and everyone goes. 

The folks over at GameLark Records have recently dropped a collection of remixes, covering both well tread classics and sneaky good niche titles. Metroid and CastleVania get their time in the spotlight, along with some of that new age retro like Kingdom Hearts, Shovel Knight, and Banjo-Tooie. Even relatively recent games such as Shovel Knight and Dark Souls get rearranged in this eclectic collection of VGM.

GameLark Records Volume 1 presents a listening experience like no other. Some of the most unique artists in the video game music community gathered together to provide a sampling from every genre imagineable. Listeners will enjoy pulsing electronic beats, blistering metal solos, soulful jazz compositions, and peaceful orchestral arrangements. This album is as diverse as the community that it represents. No two tracks are the same, but all tracks will delight.

Additional information can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube:

Album artwork by Don Corgi:

A special thanks goes to all of the artists on GameLark Records, but especially Ro Panuganti (my guru) for all of his help with the album.
— GameLark Remixes

NEScapism II: NEScaper! The Electric Witch returns with intense video game soundscapes

The Witch is back. 

Zac Bentz, AKA The Electric Witch has returned with a followup nearly three years in the making with his sequel to NEScapism, which was released (and blogged about) back in 2012. Rich re-imaginings of music from Contra, Mega Man, Shadowgate, Final Fantasy, and Ultima Exodus are all included on the album for the full price of one dollar.

The Mega Man track may be the most robotic version of MM music I have ever heard, and it's wonderful. Then there is the nearly ten minute Contra remix to close the album. The remix is far less metal than most takes on the soundtrack. Instead EW uses surreal sounds and discomforting sound effects to create the haunting soundscape of an earthwide invasion of space aliens. An incredible, if uncomfortable ending to a great album.

Hopefully The Electric Witch will find time to release another sequel in the future.

NEScapism II: NEScaper! is the second in a series of sleepy little love-letters to the video games I grew up with. The games whose music meant just as much to me, if not more, as the escapism they provided my isolated imagination. These are the songs that I would let play over and over, ignoring whatever might have been happening on-screen. Letting them loop and spiral outward. I’ve tried to capture that feeling on this album, adding my own inner echoes.
— The Electric Witch

Projet J.E.N.O.V.A. debut music Demo 2014


I flip flopped in my consideration of Projet J.E.N.O.V.A.s three track debut. Is three tracks enough for an album post, especially one that is clearly labeled as a demo. Then again, how often do I get the chance to check out the very first sounds a band has committed to recording?

The only sign I needed, was some good liner notes, and Projet J delivers with the confession,

"not perfect, but played with passion"

My favorite type of music! 

Boss Battles for the Soul - a collection of SNES 'bonus tracks' by Kyo

Boss-Battles-for-the-Soul -Kyo_vgm-remix-album

The first time I heard this album, I hit play and let it run in the background as I did other tasks. The moment the second track on the album came on, an alternate battle theme from the SNES classic Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars, I could only focus on the album. This arrangement would easily fit into Yoko Shimomura's original soundtrack. 

Boss Battles for the Soul is a fantastic title for the album, as each song doesn't simply use the soundfont of SNES classics, Kyo takes the spirit of the music into consideration as he arranges each track. Seven classicSNES games are represented on the album. In all, the album includes Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, Earthbound, Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, Legend of Zelda, Link to the Past, and the aforementioned Super Mario RPG. I didn't really plan to list every game, but they are all great. 

If you have ever wished a game like Link to the Past could have had just one more boss fight, or if there was just one area of Earthbound you hadn't seen yet, then this album is worth a listen. Sit back, listen, and imagine what could have been.

Grab the seven track album for $5 over on Kyo's bandcamp page.

Watch Schematist perform piano arrangement of Final Fantasy 7's Cosmo Canyon


There are some songs I can listen to forever, and the beautiful and relaxing music of Cosmo Canyon from PSX classic Final Fantasy VII is certainly one of them. 

Watch Schematist perform a moving, somber arrangement of the beloved theme originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

This arrangement was heavily inspired by Overclocked Remix and Reuben Kee's piece titled "Ascension to Cosmo Canyon (rest in peace Reuben). I feel this is one of the most touching pieces in the game, I hope you enjoy it. originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Arranged by Calbert Warner

"Stay Awhile and Listen" the latest album from VGM RPG band The World is Square


There is nothing quite like the release of a VG Rock album. Getting a whole group together in the name of classic game music, well that sir is a thing of beauty. 

The latest album from The World is Square is an album's worth of the finest music Square-Enix could muster in the sixteen bit era.

As an aside, discussing Square and Square-Enix is annoying as hell. Should I call them Square when discussing their rich archive of classic games, or should I call them Square-Enix because that is their name right now? Hell, should I just call them Squaresoft? How about Square EA even?

The world is certainly square in the oldest sense of the word, as these classic songs come from the golden age of Square games (and one Enix game). A time when every game they made seemed to be an instant classic. Final Fantasy VI along with Chronos both Trigger and Cross make strong showings in this album. The band also digs deep for a nice little tune from cult classic Final Fantasy Tactics.

Any time there is a full band arrangement of music from Super Mario RPG, I am all about that. I'll have to remember to play this track on repeat next time I play the game. Then there is the absolutely out of left field Enix produced arrangement from Grandia II, and don't even get me started on what to call Enix. 

After repeated lessons, I have found that my favorite track is the spicy "Damn! That's a Funky Frog! (Frog's Theme) - Chrono Trigger." The catchy cover is so wonderfully upbeat, the perfect song to hear live. Perhaps the world will be more square on the west coast some time soon.

You can grab the full album for $10 in digital or CD form via The World is Square's bandcamp page.

Listen to some Final-n-Fantasy - FFV X Bone Thugs-n-Harmony mashup by Froskees

Heavy thuggin' through the SNES classic

I had no idea there was a thug job in FFV, but that'll teach me to not play one of the mainline Final Fantasies. 

To be honest, these mashups from Froskees make me want to head back in time and give FFV a try. Any suggestions on which version of FFV I should try?

Do The RPG with 2 Mello


Another hot track from the critically acclaimed (I'm a critic, so it's fair game for me to acclaim it) 2 Mello album the Game Center CX EP. A hip hop dance track is understandably rare in the nerdcore genre, but 2 Mello absolutely nails it with this track.

What I'd give to see a club full of nerds doing "The RPG."

Listen to Froskees' Final Fantasy V mashup Library Of Ancients (Childish Gambino)

Absolutely off the hook mashup of Final Fantasy V and Childish Gambino. This is some final boss battle level shit right here.

Listen to Final Fantasy rearrangement FF1HD - Airship Theme by Cameron Combe


Listen to this breezy rearrangement of the Airship Theme music from the NES original Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy has been one of the longest running series in video game history, despite the strange turns and odd gambles they take on the franchise. I certainly have my favorite FF titles, namely FFVI and FFIX, but several others are mixed in as highly memorable classic games for me.

What Final Fantasy games have you enjoyed the most? Do you still listen to the soundtracks to FF games?

Listen to this Final Fantasy VI medley from videogame cover band The Returners' upcoming album

Listen to the first single from The Returners upcoming album, Immune to SIlence. Set for release October 20th, but you can hear the opening track right now. By the time this incredible six minute FFVI medley is finished, you should be dropping the $10-15 for the pre-order package of your choice. Check out the albums official page for more details.

Watch Huskybythegeek perform metal cover of Battle on the Big Bridge from Final Fantasy V


Incredible rendition of one of my all time favorite Final Fantasy battle themes. Nothing gets me pumped like Battle on the Big Bridge from FFV. This heavy metal rearrangement from Huskybythegeek increases the intense fight of the original exponentially.

I'm going to have a great time going through this guy's backlog. 

FREE DOWNLOAD below. You massively asked for this song, here it is =D TWO MONTHS OF WORK FOR THIS INTRO !! i had to learn a new guitar technique : the sweeping.
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