Team Teamwork teases info for July 8th release of Katamari Da-emcee


You are looking at the artwork for Team Teamwork's recently revealed album Katamari Da-emcee, set for release tomorrow, July 8th, 2014. Teamwork has also revealed the playlist to the upcoming collection of Katamari Damacy remixes and mashups. Featured in the latest images include a still from the album artwork, as well as a list of hip hop artists such as DMX, Kanye West, and UGK. Teamwork dropped a snippet of the Katamari / Danny Brown remix. This is likely the final track listing for the album, and features quite a few mashups I'm looking forward to.

On a slightly related note, I look forward to new Team Teamwork as much as anyone, but does this forthcoming album impact the possibility of a Dude, Whatever it's Summer 2014? It's too damn hot to not have the cooling sounds of another DWIS collection.