Listen to SUBCON podcast 19, a tribute to NWA and VGM

Ninten With Attitude. 

Forget the game themed specials, this is an N.W.A. themed episode. We got Dre, Eazy, Ice, and Ren over select video game beats in this episode.  The latest video game based lyrics corner meshes together the worlds of Earthbound Beginnings and classic N.W.A. I also talk about my early love for gangsta rap, and my current love for Advance Wars!


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Listen to SUBCON 17: A Hip Hop Tribute to Fighting Games

The only video game hip hop podcast. 

An hour long mega podcast featuring dozens of fighting game based hip hop and beats. Featuring music from Mega Ran, The Grammar Club, Marcus & Rome, Skyblew, and way more than I can continue listing! Video Game Based Lyrics Corner features Ludacris as Street Fighter II's Guile. I also dive deep into my love of fighting games by listing my favorite fighters of all time, as well as my personal top three fighting games ever. I also look back on the bygone arcade era and the legacy of Street Fighter II.

We kick off our first special episode of season 2 with the longest SUBCON I've ever done. This will be the episode you tell your friends about. Well, go tell 'em!

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Stream the SUBCON video game hip hop podcast - Final Fantasy special on Youtube.

I've begun the process of uploading the SUBCON podcast to youtube, so folks have one more venue to stream and listen to the show! For now, be sure to listen to the opening episode of the podcast, the Final Fantasy anniversary special! This episode is almost a year old at this point. The podcast has definitely come far in a few short episodes!

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The Subcon Podcast returns for a new season of hip hop and video games!

The only video game based hip hop podcast you need... or that exists.

After a short summer drought, the Subcon Podcast is back with all new video game based hip hop from SkyBlew, DJ Chief Takinawa, Team Teamwork and more. Not to mention my own witty banter about music, lyrics, and video games. Listen below, or head over to the Subcon Podcast page for show notes and to download or subscribe to the show.

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Team Teamwork - Talib Kweli & Mos Def - Bright As The Stars (Earthbound) - YouTube

One of my all time favorite mashups. Anything mashed up with the Mother series automatically takes on a deep new meaning thanks to my affinity for the worlds of Earthbound and Mother 3.

These verses by Black Star put things on another level entirely, and absolutely knock the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis mashup album out of the park on this final track.

From the album "Super Nintendo Sega Genesis"
Download at:

A trip through Team Teamwork's Katamari Da-Emcee with the prince of all hip hop


Let's just get the track listing out of the way first. Feel free to look up the lyrics, and track down the original sound versions if you must. Then follow a new story of the prince of all hip hop.


It's clear from the over-the-top opening, Can't Tell Me Anything, that this prince is from the streets of all cosmos. The aggressive energy of the intro track bleeds into a surprisingly laid back remix of Busta Rhymes and the memorable piano driven "The Moon and the Prince."

The third track, "I'll" really sets the tone for the album with the glitchy tones of Blue Orb highlighting Danny Brown's lyrics from I Will. Probably one of my favorite songs on the album, too bad I can't sing along with it in public.

One thing I love about mashups is the fact that I can learn to love a lot of songs I originally disliked or just didn't give the time of day to. More Than Twenty Questions is a great example of that, since I spent a few years thinking 50 cent was beyond wack. Toss down some of his lines over the dreamy sounds of Katamari Stars and I love this track. 50 cent is okay.

The love is over quickly and it's time for a young prince to move that katamari. Wonder how the King of all Cosmos got so powerful, maybe "Move Drugs" provides a hint. If you got high on some intergalactic kush thanks to the last song, then you'll really feel the follow up song, Tachyon, a nice anthem track to get you pumped for the final stretch of the album. 

So far it has been difficult for me to decide what I like better, the thug prince of some tracks, or the surprisingly forward suave lover of a prince, but if the track Butts Everywhere could be lumped into a broad definition of 'romance,' then the sauve prince wins by a hundred miles. I'm sorry but I think songs where the chorus is a catchy reference to asses and possibly what asses can do, then I love it. So if you want a great album review from me, then have a song about butts on your album, and make it catchy.

The penultimate track is the one I was most excited for when the tracklist dropped. It didn't matter which Katamari song it got paired with, I knew DMX' vocal track from "X Gon' Give it to Ya" would be a definite highlight of the album. Even with all my expectations I didn't expect "X Will Give it to You" to be this catchy. I can only picture DMX in a suit performing live with a big band in a high class casino.

Ever since falling in love with the ending track from Team Teamwork's Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis album, I've payed close attention to the way this man ends albums. This one does not disappoint. "International Anthem for Players" is a perfect ending to both the game and the album. Teamwork deftly mixes in the original vocals from "Katamari of Love." Though those vocals by Shigeru Matsuzaki (and lyrics by Yoshihito Sano) are in his native Japanese, I'm sure he' s dropping some real pimp game.

Team Teamwork teases info for July 8th release of Katamari Da-emcee


You are looking at the artwork for Team Teamwork's recently revealed album Katamari Da-emcee, set for release tomorrow, July 8th, 2014. Teamwork has also revealed the playlist to the upcoming collection of Katamari Damacy remixes and mashups. Featured in the latest images include a still from the album artwork, as well as a list of hip hop artists such as DMX, Kanye West, and UGK. Teamwork dropped a snippet of the Katamari / Danny Brown remix. This is likely the final track listing for the album, and features quite a few mashups I'm looking forward to.

On a slightly related note, I look forward to new Team Teamwork as much as anyone, but does this forthcoming album impact the possibility of a Dude, Whatever it's Summer 2014? It's too damn hot to not have the cooling sounds of another DWIS collection.

Dude Whatever It's Summer 2013 mixtape by Team Teamwork

tumblr_inline_mqhzy5yTFH1qz4rgp I have been listening to Team Teamwork and his summer mixtapes for the past several years, but with the release of Dude, Whatever, It's Summer 2013 (and that SMB3 intro) I can finally share with you the awesomeness of this odd but mood setting compilation of banging beats and classic jams.

Team Teamwork uses his mashing, clipping, and sampling prowess to create 45 minutes of pop hits like you've never heard them before. That SMB3 intro Yo La Tango is the first glimpse of what's to come. All of this creates the perfect set of tunes to blast while driving to the beach (or sitting inside writing). All I know is that, when that California sun is heaving down flaming heat balls upon me, it is time for some Team Teamwork!

Dude Whatever It's Summer 2013 by Teamteamwork on Mixcloud

Team Teamwork-"Vinyl Fantasy 7"

The ones behind The Ocarina of Rhyme are at again, this time with the world filled with magic powered crystals, men in suits, and men with large-pointy hair. Remixing various hip-hop tracks with FFVII (Final Fantasy VII) tracks you get about 40 minutes of bad-ass mash-ups that you never thought of before.

Featuring Artists like Jay-Z, MF DOOM, Outkast, and Ghostface Killah, this album is clash of top of the line composed work (done by Nobuo Uematsu of course) and some of the most well known hip-hop artists out there. How well these tracks go together will just blow your mind. For example, hearing Outkast's(ft. Raekwon) "Royal Flush" match up to "Sailing from Junon" was, in my opinion, one of the gleaming gems off this album.  This album is nothing but, what I would call, magical!  Especially if you enjoy hip-hop and video game music.

Waking up to find this was indeed a good start of a day.  There is no minimum in donating but you really should anyway because Team Teamwork is awesome!  Download it now and check out what crazy mixes they have created this time!

Editors Note: Sadly the Bandcamp page for this album has been taken down, but you can find the album over at Team Teamwork's tumblr page.