First look at Rebellion: Inspired by Final Fantasy II, An OverClocked ReMix Album

Coming soon!

Rebellion: Inspired by Final Fantasy II - COMING SOON @ !!!
Director: Brandon Strader
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• Game: Final Fantasy II (Square, 1988, Famicom)
• Artists: BONKERS, Brandon Strader, Darkmoocher, Dr. Manhattan, Hat,
IanFitC, Jeff Ball, Kidd Cabbage, mellogear, Sir Jordanius, Sixto Sounds, Tuberz McGee, Viking Guitar, W!SE the all E, XPRTNovice, zykO
• Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
— OverClocked ReMix

Pokérus announces "The Sun Sagas" A Golden Sun series tribute album, coming this May

Throw your Djinns in the air

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Good news, everyone! :D

For all the adepts out there, I'll release a new Video Game Music album called "The Sun Sagas". A musical tribute completely dedicated to the 3 games from the "Golden Sun" series and his wonderful soundtrack created by the mighty Motoi Sakuraba! :)


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Watch the trailer for Metroid Cinematica, a symphonic Metroid album by Sam Dillard coming in October

A full-length fan album composed by Sam Dillard which envisions the music of the Metroid series as a film score, blending symphonic and electronic elements into a rich cinematic soundscape, from the classics on NES and Super Nintendo to the recent Prime trilogy. Return to planet Zebes and beyond in the definitive "epic" score inspired by the legendary music from "Hip" Tanaka and Kenji Yamamoto's Metroid soundtracks!

Available October 2014 on Loudr, iTunes, and more

Team Teamwork teases info for July 8th release of Katamari Da-emcee


You are looking at the artwork for Team Teamwork's recently revealed album Katamari Da-emcee, set for release tomorrow, July 8th, 2014. Teamwork has also revealed the playlist to the upcoming collection of Katamari Damacy remixes and mashups. Featured in the latest images include a still from the album artwork, as well as a list of hip hop artists such as DMX, Kanye West, and UGK. Teamwork dropped a snippet of the Katamari / Danny Brown remix. This is likely the final track listing for the album, and features quite a few mashups I'm looking forward to.

On a slightly related note, I look forward to new Team Teamwork as much as anyone, but does this forthcoming album impact the possibility of a Dude, Whatever it's Summer 2014? It's too damn hot to not have the cooling sounds of another DWIS collection.