Dwelling of Duels Free Month results


The results of the latest Dwelling of Duels are in. Check out the winners and participants from Free Month and download a ton of video game covers and rearrangements played on live instruments from dozens of amazing videogame inspired musicians.

Be sure to check out the August Dwelling of Duels: Motoi Sakuraba month. Let's get some epic Golden Sun and Tales of Phantasia covers yo!

Congratulations to this month's winners!

01.  Mega Beardo Blues Alien 3 - Giger? I Don't Even Know Her!

02.  Dr. Manhattan Uncharted 3 - Fear And Loathing In Ubar

03.  Harmsing Darkwing Duck - Dave Bruduck Investigates The City N

04. Ivan Hakstok, Sixto Sounds Gradius Gaiden - The Heavens Are Calling
05. GearX2 Kirby Triple Deluxe - Fine Field Of The Pink King
06. Nestalgica TMNT2: The Arcade Game - Technodrome Terror
07. VankiP Streets Of Rage 2 - Night Dreamer 131
08. Brandon Strader Metal Gear Solid 4 - Like A Damn Fiddle
09. Juja, Raw Danger Chrono Trigger - Epoch...Become Bird!!
10. boobini Marble Madness - Marbles Will Tear Us Apart
11. NesTalgia Zen Intergalactic Ninja - Welcome To Earth
12. Harjawaldar Ufouria - A Perilous Journey
13. Cyan Golden Axe - Club Of Axe
14. PokerusVGM Pokemon Emerald - Hoenn In Danger
15. zephyon Mega Man 2 - Holographic Holocaust
16. Hyde209 Blues
Captain Planet and the Planeteers - Saving Our Planet Is Yes A Good Thing

17. Shipluss Kirby Super Star - Brainwave
18. Vic Viper Baby Felix: Halloween - Baby Felix
19. Ailsean, Finbeard, Nikolai Silent Hill 2 - Laura
20. creepue Guilty Gear X - Beyond The Dark Life
21. TwoJan Duck Tales 2 - Captain MegaDuck Rescue Rangers
22. valence Mario Kart 64 - Peach's Chromatic Nightmare
23. cacomistle, Zio Oxview Tiny Toon Adventures: ACME All-Stars - Downtown Playroom
24. tibone Dragon Spirit - Cave WIP