Dwelling of Duels Free Month results

Dwelling of Duels Free Month results

The results of the latest Dwelling of Duels are in. Check out the winners and participants from Free Month and download a ton of video game covers and rearrangements played on live instruments from dozens of amazing videogame inspired musicians.

Be sure to check out the August Dwelling of Duels: Motoi Sakuraba month. Let's get some epic Golden Sun  and Tales of Phantasia covers yo!

Congratulations to this month's winners (listed after the break)

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Dwelling of Duels - August 2009 Free Month Results

August has come to a close, and with that, another Dwelling of Duels as well. This brings a close to Free month, with over 25 individual entries! Congratulations to the winners, Scaredsim, Harjawaldar, Dr. Manhattan, and Hoha. You can download all the entries for free of course at the DoD August 2009 results page. Coming up next is a tribute to classic UK made VGM with Rareware month for September at dod.vgmix.com so hope you are working on one awesome Donkey Kong Country remix as you read this!

Here are the results for August 2009 Free Month.
#01 Scaredsim, Harjawaldar: Wave Race 64 - Slide on Sand! - 53 votes
#02 Dr. Manhattan: Castlevania Bloodlines (Genesis) - Crimson Twilight - 41 votes
#03 Hoha: TMNT 3 - Ninja Goes Pow! - 38 votes

#04 M-H: Baten Kaitos (GCN) - I Survived the Force and All I Got Were These Lousy Cards
#05 ansgaros: Dragon Saber (ARC) - Ice Hole
#06 Motol DM: Super Metroid - Coolin' Down the Red Soil Swamp
#07 LuIzA: Chrono Trigger - ...And in Self-Loathing and Despair, She Found Wrath
#08 BONKERS: Mega Man X4 - X
#09 Danimal Cannon: Mega Man 9 - The Music Industry Is Horrible And So Is This Song (I'm So Smexy)
#10 Xenon Odyssey: Chrono Trigger - Windig
#11 VikingGuitar: Chrono Trigger - Ease Up, Crono
#12 Six-Stringed Flamberge: Metal Gear Solid 2 - Crosshairs
#13 Brian Davis: Ecco the Dolphin 2: The Tides of Time (Genesis) - They Feasted on My Family
#14 Cryosis (Demonstray): Final Fantasy X - Otherworld
#15 Divine Wrath: Cave Story - Welcome to Hell
#16 SuprMelO: Cave Story - Shadow on the Moonsong
#16 Flip362: Sonic the Hedgehog - Silly Sonic Takes a Break from Running for an Evening with the Orchestra... Cuz He Felt Like It! umm...Rawr?
#18 Kid Belmont and King Malboro: Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy X, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, Super Mario Brothers - Super Knight Bros in Limbo of the Lost
#18 Auriplane, Juja: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow - Soma's Alchemy Playset (Blasphemy Not Included)
#20 Dragonlee71: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Sonic the Deathhog
#21 NintenJoe 64: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island - Fight For Freedom
#21 The Sloth King: Aerial Assault (Game Gear) - Insane Battle Plane
#22 TransINSANO, GOREman: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Castle Made of Rock!
#22 Rayth Xelos: The Goonies 2 - Mazes And Doors To Hell
#24 LuketheXjesse (Epitaph): Gran Turismo 2 - Castle Over Moon
#24 Rasgar: Disgaea 2 - More Thorns Than Most
#24 Rusticakustic: Mega Man 2, 3 - Bubble Snake River

Dwelling of Duels July 2009 - Games With Passwords results

With July coming to a close, another Dwelling of Duels ends as well. Congratulations to the winners, Snappleman, ansgaros, Harjawaldar, and M-H. You can download all the entries for free of course at the DoD July results page. And remember, August is another free month at dod.vgmix.com so get your entries in soon!

Here are the results for July 2009 Games With Passwords Month.
#01 Snappleman - Castlevania 3 - The Count of Transylvania - 41 votes
#02 ansgaros - Castlevania Bloodlines - Prepare for Death - 27 votes
#03 Harjawaldar - Gargoyle's Quest - Holy Warcry - 23 votes
#03 M-H - Mega Man X3 - High Gravity Malt Beetle - 23 votes

#05 ROCKtendo - Castlevania 3 - What a Funky Night to Have a Curse
#06 ULTRANOMICON - Mega Man 2 - Bubble Man
#07 Prince Of Darkness - Mega Man 3 - Egyptmini Man
#08 Krunch - Punch-Out - Fat Man on a Bike
#09 mithius - Super Castlevania 4 - I Lost Crying Altar Ravaged Axis
#10 Skummel Maske - Castlevania 2 - Message of Darkness (Password Screen)
#11 bjkmenu - Ristar (Genesis), Adventures of Lolo - Ristar Meets King Egger
#11 zyk0 - Snow Brothers (Genesis) - Another Chance
#13 ryanisfootdrums - Wizards & Warriors 2 - YYZirds and Warriors
#14 Six-Stringed Flamberge - Jesus Kyoufu no Bio Monster - Trapped In the Void
#14 flip362 - Mega Man 4 - Return of the Pharaoh Shot
#16 Corax, Zachariasmith, DrumDragon - Batman Returns (NES) - Ballad for Bruce
#17 tibone - Tails Adventure (Game Gear) - The Code is...
#17 Rasgar - Castlevania Adventure 2: Belmont's Revange - Metal Castle

Dwelling of Duels - Sidescroller Month Results

I know I am quite behind but better late than never right? Without too much of my squawking about this and that, here are the results for December 2008's Dwelling of Duels: Sidescroller Month. Congratulations to all the winners and be sure to download all the songs through this link.
Shnabubula: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, Mega Man X - Playing Super Mario World While Taking Mushrooms
Brian Davis: Bucky O'Hare (NES) - "Let's Croak Toads!!!"
Prince Of Darkness, GuitarBizarre, Chris Feener: Actraiser - A Coele Usque Ad Centrum

Fourth Place - norg: Metal Slug - Allen O'Neil and Nario Take an Afternoon Stroll Through a Field of Poppies for a Picnic Lunch of Wine, Cheese, and Whale Face
Fifth Place (tie) - Danimal Cannon, Stemage, and Kbart: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan Project - BTMNTBAMLOL
Fifth Place (tie) - jaxx: Storm of Progear - Black Sky Jewel Harvest
Seventh Place - BrainCells: Revenge of Shinobi - Pump!
Eighth Place - Darmock: Sonic the Hedgehog - Stay Away From My Special Zone AKA Masatotarkus
Ninth Place - ansgaros: Journey to Silius, Batman, Bionic Commando, Werewolf: The last warrior, Ninja Gaiden - To Reminisce is to Relive
Tenth Place (tie) - cetera: Amagon - Lower Your Expectations by 1dB
Tenth Place (tie) - Ryan8bit: Double Dragon - My Girl Needs a Gut Punchin'
Twelfth Place (tie) - Hoha: Shatterhand - Shatter My Brain With My Hands
Twelfth Place (tie) - Snappleman: Super R-Type - Where No Mann Has Gone Before (part 1)
Twelfth Place (tie) - virt: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Enter the Turtle
Fifteenth Place - zangderak and sparky: U.N. Squadron - Gates of Hell (dedicated to a very special person in the Air Force)
Sixteenth Place - DrumUltimA: Sonic - Sonic Smooth
Seventeenth Place - zyk0: The Lost Vikings - Funk Like an Egyptian
Eighteenth Place - M-H: Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge (Gameboy) - Belmonts and Bondage
Ninteenth Place (tie) - cacomistle, chronolever, TheBeautyofGrind: Super Mario Land - Muda Morning
Ninteenth Place (tie) - Geoffrey Taucer, Jose the Bronx Rican: Donkey Kong Country 2 - Trapped in the Mines
Twenty-First Place - XMark: Sonic 2 - Mystic Chemicals
Twenty-Second Place (tie) - Harjawaldar: Dragon's Lair (NES) - Der Orden vom heiligen Geist
Twenty-Second Place (tie) - Skummel Maske: Shatterhand - Shatter This!
Twenty-Third Place - thesamareaye: Castlevania - The Vampire's Lament
Twenty-Fourth Place (tie) - Hope Fails: Power Blade - This Burden Grows, but Still I Can Fly
Twenty-Fourth Place (tie) - ryanisfootdrums: Alisia Dragoon (Genesis) - The Dragooner's Harp
Twenty-Sixth Place (tie) - Corax: Lifeforce - Glorious Gradius
Twenty-Sixth Place (tie) - Dr. Manhattan: Golden Axe 2 - Burning Villages Down
Twenty-Eighth Place (tie) - tibone: Mega Man - Elecman Likes Guitars
Twenty-Eighth Place (tie) - Wizwars: Castlevania - Time's Up!
Thirtieth Place - bjkmenu: Earthworm Jim - Groovy Jim Hurts My Ear
Thirty-First Place - TheoConfidor: Mega Man ZX: Advent - Dance of Destiny
Thirty-Second Place - Rasgar: Mega Man Zero 3 - Dance of the Winter
Thirty-Third Place (tie) - Mattias Holmgren: Blaster Master - Mastered Blaster
Thirty-Third Place (tie): naz: Mega Man 3 - Protocool
Thirty-Fifth Place (tie) - dasaten: Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - Sticky Portrait of Michiru Yamane
Thirty-Fifth Place (tie) - Nario: Mega Man 2 - Crash Man Takes Piano Lessons

Currently wrapping up right now is Joke Month, and a two month free month that ends February 24th, check it out at dod.vgmix.com

Dwelling of Duels - Gradius Month Results

The very awesome and very interesting Gradius month has closed over at Dwelling of Duels. some fantastic entries to say the least, as well as one that sadly got zero votes, But so it goes in this rough world of VG remixing. Anyway, to the list of winners, which you can download through here.

CarboHydroM: Lifeforce - Desperate Chase
Mystic Wizard: Lifeforce - Pharoah Song
ansgaros: Lifeforce, Gradius 2 - Dangerous Territory
Hope Fails, Scaredsim: Gradius 3 - Declaration of War

Fifth place (tie) - dasaten: Lifeforce - Melodic Newt
Fifth place (tie) - Ryan8Bit: Gradius - The Viper Within
Seventh place - Harjawaldar: Gradius 2 - Join me in Space
Eighth place (tie) - Daniel Alm: Gradius - Shoot the Core!
Eighth place (tie) - Dr. Manhattan: Lifeforce - Spaceship 50
Tenth place (tie) - ryanisfootdrums: Lifeforce, Gradius 2 & 3 - Endless Infinity Darkness Mk. 2
Tenth place (tie) - TheoConfidor: Gradius 3, Unreal 2 - UnGradian
Twelfth place - Rasgar: Lifeforce - Tears of a Wayward Solider
Thirteenth place (tie) - Six-Stringed Flamberge: Gradius 3 - Meteor Storm
Thirteenth place (tie) - Skummel Maske: Gradius 3 - Stuck in the Crystal Maze
Fifteenth place (tie) - cacomistle: Lifeforce - Life Forts
Fifteenth place (tie) - tibone: Lifeforce - The Only End I'll Ever Got

Once again congratulations to the winners and to everyone else who competed this month! You can download all the tracks from this month's DoD for free as always at the Gradius Month page. And for those entering this month, June's duel is an epic battle of Boss VS Hero!

Dwelling of Duels - Free Month results

Another month over, and with it another Dwelling of Duels comes to a close. There is a cornucopia of stuff this month, as is the case with free month. Now to the winners!
Kadmium and Jim Grey: Final Fantasy 6 - Aria de Mezzo Carattere - 38 votes
Second Place (tie) - Danimal Cannon: 3D Pinball Space Cadet (PC) - Apparently This Game Has Music - 34 votes
Second Place (tie) - Scaredsim: Axelay - I Know You Can Beat That Spider - 34 votes

Fourth Place - Snappleman: Romancing SaGa 3 (SNES) - Four Noble Devils - 32 votes
Fifth Place - Dr. Manhattan: Dragon Fighter (NES) - There's a Dragon in My Yard! - 30 votes
Sixth Place - M-H: Legend of Mana - Sandwich Nova - 26 votes
Seventh Place - CarboHydroM: CarboHydroM - Sword of Hope - 23 votes
Eighth Place - Hope Fails: Lufia 2 - Last Chance - 21 votes
Ninth Place - Lizard: Sonic & Knuckles - Flying Battery Zone - 19 votes
Tenth Place - XMark: Portal (PC) - Still Alive - 18 votes
Eleventh Place - Haempling: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Aquatic Ruin - 16 votes
Twelfth Place - TheoConfidor: Willow - A Royal Catastrophe - 13 votes
Thirteenth Place (tie) - Cyril: Metroid Fusion - Kill the X - 10 votes
Thirteenth Place (tie) - Dhsu: Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts - Boxer Shorts Rag - 10 votes
Fifteenth Place - Vegeroth: Lufia 2 - A Darker Beginning - 9 votes
Sixteenth Place - Mainline Rider: Altered Beast (Genesis) - A Full Moon in Hell - 6 votes
Seventeenth Place - Leinad and Yendor: Final Fantasy 6 - Flight of the Falcon - 5 votes
Eighteenth Place (tie) - Bucedric Nosnik Rionediamn: Journey to Silius - Following Footfalls - 4 votes
Eighteenth Place (tie) - Hydrasphere: Ninja Gaiden - Part 2 (medley) - 4 votes
Twentieth Place (tie) - Harjawaldar: Zelda: Link to the Past - Majestic Hills - 3 votes
Twentieth Place (tie) - Mitch Janzen: Mario Kart 64 - MK64 Ending Remix - 3 votes
Twentieth Place (tie) - tibone: Alex Kidd in Miracle World (SMS) - Reflection - 3 votes
Twenty-third Place (tie) - ryanisfootdrums: Earthbound - Onett Jam - 2 votes
Twenty-third Place (tie) - Six-Stringed Flamberge: Phantasmagoria of Flower View (PC) - Black Feather - 2 votes
Twenty-fifth Place - bjkmenu: Shadowgate - EPOR - 1 votes
Total votes: 366

Be sure to check it all out, and send some congratulations to the winners and participators at large! You can download all the songs of course at the DoD page for April 08. Also, I am insanely, and unbelievably excited for this month's contest. That contest? Why it's a classic of arcade shooting of course, say hello to Gradius Month!

Dwelling of Duels - Sci-Fi Month results

This was one of the theme months, and as such, the theme was Sci-Fi! No magic up in this month. Only cold hard technology. Anyway, to the winners!

#1 Prince of Darkness - Mega Man X - Zero Light - 38 votes
#2 Shnabubula - Super Metroid - Samus Bubblebath - 34 votes
#2 Hope Fails - Darius Twin (SNES) - Wow, That Spaceship Looks Just Like a Fish - 34 votes
#4 Musically Inspired - Space Quest 4 - A Greatly Exaggerated Tale of Adventure - 31 votes
#5 Scaredsim - Thunder Force IV, Super Star Soldier - Air Fight - 28 votes
#6 Vegeroth - Mega Man X2 - Robotic Demise - 25 votes
#7 Daniel Alm - Journey to Silius - Boss Theme - 18 votes
#8 Gandalf's Brother - Phantasy Star 2 - Rise or Fall - 15 votes
#9 cacomistle - Mega Man 4 - Shallow Dive - 10 votes
#9 Corax, Zachariasmith - Starcraft - Last Minute Zerg Rush FTW - 10 votes
#9 Battlerager - Dove (PC) - This Bird is on Fire - 10 votes
#9 Amaranthine Skies - Mech Warrior (SNES) - In Preparation of Vengeance - 10 votes
#13 Hydrasphere - Doom - Kill Them, Explode them, Destroy Them and Let the Blood Flow - 7 votes
#14 Paragon - Mega Man 2 - As the Disco Ball Crashes to the Floor - 6 votes
#15 tibone - Astro Warrior (SMS) - Mr. Hyperdrive - 4 votes
#16 Hat - Mega Man 2 - Rock - 2 votes
#16 Six-Stringed Flamberge - Phantasy Star Online Episode 3 - Varista Gunslinger - 2 votes

Lots of awesome free songs from plenty of some not covered enough games, and, lucky for me, a few sweet shoot-em-up covers! Be sure to hit the DoD page for March to get all the amazing songs listed above! Congratulations to all the folks who entered this month!

If you are interested in competing, check the DoD rules page. Now everyone get ready for the battle royale known as FREE MONTH over at DoD for April!

Dwelling of Duels - Kirby Month results

I've been looking forward to this one for a while. The Kirby month for Dwelling of Duels has come to a close. Plenty of sweet Kirby goodness to be had now, with a total of 20 songs to check out. Not familiar with Dwelling of Duels, then check the rules here .

Anyway, I am glad to announce the winners here! Looks like my favorite, Thanks For The Help, Knuckle Joe!, tied for first, not bad!

#1 Kirby Superstar - Thanks For The Help, Knuckle Joe! - 26 votes
#1 Kirby's Dreamland 2 (Gameboy) - Puffball Promenade - 26 votes
#3 Kirby's Adventure - Roy G Ambivalence - 22 votes
#4 Medley - Pink Like a Bubble Gum - 17 votes
#5 Kirby's Adventure - Smooth Like Butter - 16 votes
#5 Kirby Superstar - Save Cabin Getaway - 16 votes
#7 Kirby 64 - Baby Blue Toque - 12 votes
#8 Kirby Superstar - Gourmet Race of a Thousand Flames - 7 votes
#9 Kirby - Kirby's Nightmare - 4 votes
#9 Kirby's Adventure - OMG U SUXX - 4 votes
Total votes: 150

So be sure to check out and download all the songs on the February DoD page! Definitely some gems here for a game that I feel doesn't get covered enough! Also great job by all the folks who entered, be sure to send some love their way!

Also, everyone get equipped to enter the March battle, Sci-fi month!