Dwelling of Duels - Kirby Month results

I've been looking forward to this one for a while. The Kirby month for Dwelling of Duels has come to a close. Plenty of sweet Kirby goodness to be had now, with a total of 20 songs to check out. Not familiar with Dwelling of Duels, then check the rules here .

Anyway, I am glad to announce the winners here! Looks like my favorite, Thanks For The Help, Knuckle Joe!, tied for first, not bad!

#1 Kirby Superstar - Thanks For The Help, Knuckle Joe! - 26 votes
#1 Kirby's Dreamland 2 (Gameboy) - Puffball Promenade - 26 votes
#3 Kirby's Adventure - Roy G Ambivalence - 22 votes
#4 Medley - Pink Like a Bubble Gum - 17 votes
#5 Kirby's Adventure - Smooth Like Butter - 16 votes
#5 Kirby Superstar - Save Cabin Getaway - 16 votes
#7 Kirby 64 - Baby Blue Toque - 12 votes
#8 Kirby Superstar - Gourmet Race of a Thousand Flames - 7 votes
#9 Kirby - Kirby's Nightmare - 4 votes
#9 Kirby's Adventure - OMG U SUXX - 4 votes
Total votes: 150

So be sure to check out and download all the songs on the February DoD page! Definitely some gems here for a game that I feel doesn't get covered enough! Also great job by all the folks who entered, be sure to send some love their way!

Also, everyone get equipped to enter the March battle, Sci-fi month!