GM4A Records presents B-Type - Sneaks album

I am very excited to announce an album which is a bit of an appetizer, to get you ready for the main course, but this is a great appetizer none the less. Like the kind you order because it looks so delicious, and consider just having the appetizer as a full meal but... I'm getting off track. What I am proud to present is the new demo album Sneaks by my longtime friend and podcasting cohort Stephen "B-Type" Brunton.

Download the album FREE at the official album page

Presenting the finest in Nerdcore rap with punk rock sensibilities and Amiga influenced Britishness. This is Sneaks. As the title implies this is a sneak preview album (if fully released album can be considered secretive in some way). This is no time for semantics though, this is a time to rock. Join MisterB-Type through eight worlds of new and remixed tunes in preparation of his follow up to Snogs.