Nerdcore Emulation Station chapter 1 & chapter 2: Gamecube from 1-UP mini album review

Nerdcore Emulation Station is correct, featuring a who's who of nerdcore over two albums. A few name drops are the likes of Mega Ran, Ill Gill, Sammus, SkyBlew, and perhaps a dozen or more artists from every corner of the nerdcore kingdom. 

Te initial N.E.S. album drops beats from a variety of classic games throughout gaming history. Parappa the Rapper, Metal Gear Solid, Sonic, and Mario are all represented on the album. These are accompanied by flows from 1-UP and the aforementioned litany of amazing emcees.

One of the greatest things about this series, is the overarching storyline nature of the album layout. I think 1-UP explains it best, 

"In the distant future, Emcees live happily across different galaxies providing entertainment and joy through their story telling to their people. 

An evil force plans to put an end to all of that. The imagidrains and their evil leader devise a plan to feed on everyone's imaginations simultaneously through an all out assault on every galaxy at once with stolen abilities. 

The Emcees fight but cannot withstand this onslaught of newly found foes and their powers. A voice appears in their head and transports them all to a new world where they must venture through uncharted territories, learn new skills, and fight new enemies in order to level up. 

Follow 1-UP and many other Emcees as they fight through the worlds of Playstation, Sega Saturn and N64 defeating bosses and freeing them from the Imagidrains mind control, finding new items and leveling up so they can return to their worlds and defeat the imagidrains."

This album is a ridiculous 25 tracks in length, with two or more emcees on every track, you'd be hard pressed to find a bigger collection of new and old nerdcore and hip hop talent.

Despite the eclectic list of artists, the beats help hold the mixtape feel together over the immense amount of tracks. Remixes bring out the catchiest and most memorable parts of the video games they lift from, and keep the adventurous theme in mind as you hear the noble music of Zelda or the get moving beats from Super Mario.

Think that I post the album stream and we are over here? We got a whole second album to discuss.

A few months after the initial launch of the Nerdcore Emulation Station, 1-UP has gathered the emcees of nerdcore for another adventure. He even includes an update about where this adventure stands, 

"Join 1-UP In the second chapter of NES as he and his comrades venture to the Gamecube world in order to free the inhabitants from the Imagidrain army. 

They are currently pumping the planet's resources dry causing the planet to lose it's form and if nothing is done it will implode."

That's right, it looks like the N.E.S. is chilling on the GCN planet for a full album, with remixes of music from Smash Bros. Melee, Metroid Prime and Pikmin, among many others. Sammus even reprises her role alongside Shammers (another one of my personal nerdcore favorites) as her namesake Samus in "Metroid Prime - Stage 7 (Ft Sammus, Shammers and W!SE)." The fusion of styles definitely makes this the stand out track for me.

You can grab both albums for free via the N.E.S. and N.E.S. 2 bandcamp pages.

B-Type forms band, releases nerdcore rock rap album Galactic Dinosaur Patrol


B-Type has transformed, much like the mighty Megazord, into a being stronger than any of them could be separately. They use that power to release an EP length collection of the group's most eclectic tunes.

Tracks like "Party Robot" and "Only Godzilla Can Judge Me" endear themselves to me for obvious reasons. Though tracks like "Bibble Bibble Brain" and "Human Girls" grew on me quickly as well due to some catchy hooks. All the songs on this album move at a snappy pace, giving this collection of songs a great pop rock album feel to it.

I really wish I could see what these folks could do live, since these songs seem specially built to rock the crowd.

Indiegogo: Support nerdcore-chiptune band B-Type reach Nerdapalooza

btype001Good friend of the site B-Type are attempting to charter a way to the Americas with a chart set for the nerd mecca known as Nerdapalooza in Orlando, Florida this October. Head over to B-Types indiegogo page to support his trip, along with his newly released album.

B-Type hopes to raise £1,000 by August 30th, 2013.

B-Type - Words album release

So in all my inane ramblings that pop up around the internet, I have neglected you, my loyal readership. For that I apologize, and give you this as a gift. It's the latest album from good friend and better rapper, B-Type. Worded Words, and released for free or best offer over at his official bandcamp page.

There are songs about Godzilla, robots, and Pokemon. If you gave me this album when I was twelve, I would have thought this was the greatest series of songs ever. Well I am a bit older than ten now, but strangely, I still spend a lot of time thinking about Godzilla, robots, and Pokemon. Which means this album is still awesome. Right now.

As for the beats, It feels like you are trapped inside a giant eighties era arcade machine, the cabinet's demo droning catchy riffs with an abundance of bass. There's a good mix of original and remixed tunes, giving the album less restraint. B's lines maneuver through a variety of styles over those tracks, showing off a growing versatility in his rhyming arsenal.

To get a feel for the album, I would have to suggest Top Percentage, with the track's swaggering beat, and Pokemon themed rhymes. Don't listen to him about not evolving your Pokemon though. My reasoning for this can be saved for a very lengthy article on the topic some other day. Just remember to evolve ALL your Pokemon.

The other song I recommend is the nerd heavy Song of Time, although, skip over to the end of the album and check out the latter version, Song of Time (Projekt Zero Pre-Emptive Remix). Though both good tracks, with plenty of great bars from a who's who kind of list of nerdcore. Unfortunately, the original track suffers from having heard this song remixed too many times (Final Fantasy Syndrome I call it). Besides, the best version of Song of Time is already this one. Perhaps this is why ProjektZero, which I am sure he will explain later, chose to remix it into a lo-fi dungeon crawling epic.

So go grab a copy, and give it a listen, and if the economy has been good to you, perhaps shoot him change for a cup of coffee. don't accept my apology that is...

GM4A Records presents B-Type - Shrugs

Presenting the long awaited sophomore release from UK native B-type, the album is available for downloading and listening via

The official Shrugs release page

MisterB and B-type bring us eleven brand new tracks to rock, rap, punk, and dance to. He is also performing Friday in Florida at the Nerdapalooza Pre-Party, so don't miss out!

GM4A Records presents B-Type - HOURS EP

Presenting a surprise release from B-Type! Written, produced, and recorded in 24 hours. we get a five track EP. Entitled HOURS, the album is available for downloading and listening via

The official HOURS release page

The album is five tracks of that punk rock hip hop out of the UK that you have come to recognize as B-Type. Covering topics from tracking devices, to space marines, and everything in between. Be sure to check out the free download now.

GM4A Records presents B-Type - Sneaks album

I am very excited to announce an album which is a bit of an appetizer, to get you ready for the main course, but this is a great appetizer none the less. Like the kind you order because it looks so delicious, and consider just having the appetizer as a full meal but... I'm getting off track. What I am proud to present is the new demo album Sneaks by my longtime friend and podcasting cohort Stephen "B-Type" Brunton.

Download the album FREE at the official album page

Presenting the finest in Nerdcore rap with punk rock sensibilities and Amiga influenced Britishness. This is Sneaks. As the title implies this is a sneak preview album (if fully released album can be considered secretive in some way). This is no time for semantics though, this is a time to rock. Join MisterB-Type through eight worlds of new and remixed tunes in preparation of his follow up to Snogs.

The Official Duck Hunt HD Remix Soundtrack release

The grass is green, the sun is out, and just in time for duck season, ThaSauce and crew have revealed and released the brand new Duck Hunt HD album, which has taken the dozens of varied and memorable themes from the Duck Hunt HD game and lovingly remixed them all into an incredible array of well polished tracks. You can download the entire soundtrack free at the official album website right now!

The album has taken every single song from the Duck Hunt HD Soundtrack, an incredible task in it's own right, and the result is 32 tracks from a who's who of the remix, vgm, and nerdcore scenes. With a ton of artists like the famed halp0, DJQuetzl, and even Children of the Washing Machine, and personal favorite Nykskryp just to name a few. This is possibly one of the best Duck Hunt remix albums ever to come out and is worth every penny!So head over to <A href="">the official site</A> and download it now!

Check out the full roster of artists after the break. 1. My Very First Laser Gun [ TH3HT ] 2. 2 Happy 2 Dux [ talc ] 3. Modular 69 [ Orgasmic Alliance ] 4. Dakuhantu [ molto pene ] 5. Du ckHunt [ Chozo Ninpo ] 6. Dunk the Duck [ WillRock ] 7. Acous-Duck Mu-suck [ Joseph Bell ] 8. Goof Hunt [ Funky49 ] 9. A Monentary Intercession... [ CotMM ] 10. Duck Meatl [ Piglett ] 11. DH [ jmr ] 12. Duck Hunt Confession [ B-Type ] 13. There Will Be No Pause [ T. S. Roflutionary ] 14. Duck Devil [ zorkin ] 15. Tales of Dog WTF??? [ Dogasample ] 16. A Fowl Medley [ just64helpin ]

disc 2

1. Ronaldinho Duck Killer Quintet [ halp0 ] 2. SAD DUCK [ Quartz Relic ] 3. Code Behind the Code [ CotMM ] 4. Nadia Puede Hacerio Mejor [ djquetzl ] 5. A Subtle Dissection... [ CotMM vs injury ] 6. Duck Trouble [ Projekt Zero and Chark ] 7. Duckata in Fowl Minor [ A Bad Ass ] 8. Donald Duck Hunt 2k3 [ Nykskryp ] 9. It's a Duck Hunt [ Long Dao ] 10. There's Dust in the Catridge! [ swordofdestiny ] 11. Integral Anatidae [ Children of the Washing Machine ] 12. Old School Shit [ Clah and Billcock ] 13. Duckin' Hardk0re (fapmix) [ DJ Buttzlunar ] 14. Terrahunt [ Me Fight Monster ] 15. Thanks!