Vincenzo - Chip Drops album release

The third and newest release coming to us from the recently redesigned DiscoNinjaz brings us some amazing lo-fi jazz stylings with Hungarian artist Vincenzo. His new album Chip Drops (free download here) is six songs and 13 minutes of catchy, smooth chiptunes, thumping drum samples, and rocking guitar riffs.

Pay attention to my particular favorite tracks. Tuesday 44 sounds like it could be the soundtrack to the funkiest SNES game ever made, while Menthol Excess brings a guitar riff in to set the stage for a fast upbeat track that brings in some nice piano bits and thumping bass to round out the track.

Disconinjaz has a great track record going for their releases so far, and I look forward to them keeping it up! Also have to mention, look at that awesome artwork for this album, it's amazing!