Select Start Records first release: Rico Zerone - E-Lusion EP release

A new label has come on board the chiptune train, Select Start Records. Here is what the site is about in their own words.

Based in Ann Arbor-Michigan, Select Start Records is a new label embracing a broad range of video game inspired music, chip music and visual mediums. All of Select Start Records' releases are available for free download. SSR is planning to release 7-inch records, CDs, vinyl toys, and other forms of audio and visual communication in the future.

Select Start Records has also released the first album from their label for free download. The E-Lusion EP by Rico Zerone is available on SSR's download page for the album. It is a carchy lo-fi album done entirely on milkytracker. The album ranges from upbeat squeaks to glitchy crunches to laid back ambience. A personal favorite track of mine is D24M4 which kicks off with a some punchy notes and a jazzy mood. The whole track, with it's laid back feel and upbeat tempo, reminds me of a hard-boiled detective movie made into an SNES game. Definitely my favorite track on a catchy EP. Check this one out and watch out for more releases from Select Start Records.