Jay Tholen - Danny's Incredible 8-Bit Voyage album release

A good while back I happened upon a young chiptune artist from Florida, and was promptly blown away by a cleverly made chiptune zombie apocalypse. The great chiptunes, surrounded by effective sounds and great narration (ably done by glomag) filled a niche in chiptunes that I had never even known needed attention.

Well after a few fantastic forays into other musical genres Jay Tholen returns to chiptunes with another high concept album. This time a mixture of landscape painting chiptunes and fantastic audiobook style narration (this time by Andres Williams) combine to create an adventure of selfishness and redemption, of action and amusement. I plan on having a lengthier review of this album soon as well, but I honestly expect every person who reads these words to download this incredible album. Head over to jaytholen.net right now!