Dot.AY releases debut self titled album

Glitched out Australian chiptune artist, and also guest contributor to this site Dot.AY has finally settled down and saw fit to release his first full length album. Going with the self titled Dot.AY, the album drops eleven tracks of glitched up retro'd out tunes. From the dance infected POQO to the punk rock sounds of Education the album covers a fair amount of sonic territory.

My personal favorite of them being the ever building track Physical Time. Starting with a wall of sound before finding a laser filled path through a maze of distortion, chips, and even some samples. The song picks up it's pace into a whirling dance number before breaking down into the glitchy void it came from.

Head over to and pick up the new release today, for free download. Also don't forget to keep your eye on Game Boy Australia for the latest of chiptune news from the Southern Hemisphere.