Jay Tholen - Epidemic album release

I just downloaded and unzipped this album today and I am HOOKED. this new album by Jay Tholen is quite amazing! combining my love for the War of the Worlds radio drama, zombies, and chiptunes into one amazing package! it has 6 amazing songs along with news reports brought to you by another awesome artist Glomag. 10 tracks in total, that display a wide and vivid range of style setting up the exact feel of being in a zombie struggle.

Well anyway, I have to save something for my upcoming review of this epic chiptunes album, so basically, head over to his myspace page blog, and purchase this album, you will not regret it!

Also, be sure to check out his Virb page for a listen to the album in it's entirety, as well as heading over to his website to download all his wonderful free EP's he has made over the years for you fine listeners.