Jay Tholen - 2011 chiptune album 'Blood Fete'

Basically, swoon swoon Jay Tholen swoon, Blood Fete swoon. In other words, ominous glitched out folk funk.

Blood Fete is a celebration of surrender by way of self-denial and self-sacrifice. “It’s the Bloodiest party!”
— Ubiktune

Jay Tholen crafts eclectic new indie OST 'Dropsy: Eternal Hug EP'

Dropsy like it's hot

With the full release of Jay Tholen's largest game developed to date, the textless text adventure Dropsy, comes the wonderfully weird soundtrack to the game, which is also composed by Jay Tholen.

Long time readers of the site will know my love and affinity for the music of Jay Tholen, from his original chiptune EPs, through his ever increasing experimental productions and high concept story albums, I have been continuously amazed at the artistic creations this man can meld together. Along with the game, the album showcases Jay Tholen at his best, using a wide variety of instruments and effects that paint the vibrant, surreal world of the titular clown.

Current favorite track is the ballad of Dropsy known as "Eternal Hug Pt. 2." I hadn't realized how long it has been since I heard new music as performed by Jay Tholen's unique vocal stylings. Some of my favorite albums of Tholen's are one's in which he picks up the mic, so I'm glad to see him do the same for his new game.

Kid Dropsy Dream feat. Omri Loved Celadon is a juxtaposition of styles that work wonderfully together. Island synths, gritty guitar work and a hard hitting dose of drums create a some very catchy cognitive dissonance.

You can grab the album now over at Jay Tholen's official Bandcamp page, and also download Dropsy at dropsytheclown.com.

The Eternal Hug EP consists of tracks created or remixed by Jay Tholen for Dropsy.
— Jay Tholen

Listen to chiptune nerdcore collab 'Dial-Up Town' by Jay Tholen & Shael Riley

Back when dial up was the thing, I couldn't even share music with you. It would take me a day to hear a dozen OCReMix songs back then. It was all worth it though. Listen to this track by Jay Tholen and Shael Riley and remember those days.

Kickstarter: Support indie PC game Dropsy - "A Surreal Exploration Based Adventure Game"


I like everything about Dropsy by accomplished musician and game developer Jay Tholen. That is, I plan to, as soon as everybody chips in and makes sure it gets off the ground. This kickstarter campaign ends July 25th, and has a minimum goal of $25,000.

Dropsy is an open world adventure game with an emphasis on surreal atmospheric elements and environmental storytelling. It extracts the humor and rich narratives from classic adventure games (like Monkey Island, Full Throttle, or Grim Fandango) and places them into a unique exploration based framework.

Though its roots are in the point-and-click games of old, Dropsy will be an almost entirely text-free experience. There are still colorful characters to communicate with, but the dialogue is handled visually rather than linguistically. This is enhanced by expressive animation and detailed surroundings.

Jay Tholen - Vainglory EP release

Jay Tholen, the man I have fawned over as a musical genius for the last couple years, has an EP out. Blending his styles from experimental albums along with his chiptune side to create a strange journey through a crackling, strangely soothing world. Haunting vocals, and effective use of, well, effects, create a soundscape that is easily recognizable as a brand of music it seems only Jay Tholen can make. I could write quite a few things about my view of music, as shaped by this one man's fusion of narrative and music. Look at me going on again, this was supposed to be just a few quick sentences.

Well, one day I will write the 6,000 word essay that Jay Tholen deserves. Until then, I'm just going to listen to this EP one more time. Then probably listen to all the other Jay Tholen albums too...

Jay Tholen - The Great Hylian Revival EP release and mini review

Often times you will hear a music writer spill some words about a band or artist that "defies categorization" and "transcends genres" or what have you. Usually it doesn't mean much, as they all fall into fairly broad genres none the less. For me though, I can finally use such cliche language in one of my own music reviews. I am referring to the latest album by one of my favorite musicians in and outside of chiptunes, Jay Tholen.

If you head over to his website right now, you will be greeted with the download link for his latest effort, an odd mixture of personalized lyrics, remixed VGM, and religious currents that weave an amazing, and infectious ten minutes of music. Starting appropriately enough with Song of Creation, a relaxing ballad to the heavens. The short song starts with a recognizable Zelda theme, quickly building on it with inspired lyrics and a calm atmosphere. From there we are met with the memorable menu music from the Zelda series, along with notes of chiptunes and lilting bass in the song Fountain Drinking. The song builds a slightly more tense mood than the intro, with crunching effects and warbling back up notes, creating a more enclosed, darker atmosphere that is reinforced by the forlorn lyrics and driving rhythms.

A cacophony of sound effects rise up above a simple movement in The Spirit Descends on Kakariko Village, a relaxed, atmospheric piece that is over too soon. This leads right into my favorite track on the album, the funky, bass laden, analog tinged Windmill Stomp. Taking the memorable Song of Storms and laying down additional instruments and vocals to create a catchy, yet eerie piece of music that defines this album. Tholen reaches past the nostalgic tug of VGM and warps this track into a simple, inspiring piece of art in his own right.

As we come to the last leg of the album, I have to mention that this album is from a completely different plane than most VGM. Jay Tholen's influences, both musical and not, shine through at almost every step. Lullaby starts acoustically, as we hear strings build and fade like ripples on a pond. As the bass comes in, the music moves fluidly like brush strokes, slowly building up to a softly sung chorus at the center of this piece. As the song slowly fades away, we hear a delicate clattering of instruments fall around the melody. After this relaxing piece things suddenly get amped up for the straight ahead rendition of Saria's Song, bringing the album to an upbeat, yet odd close.

This album plays with VGM as merely a starting point along the way to a larger picture, and I feel it succeeds. The minimalist lyrics even feel like they would belong in the silent, unspoken world of Link and Zelda. It's quite easy to imagine these songs performed by a travelling musician in the world of Hyrule just as easily as envisioning it at a small church basement in our own world.

To reiterate: Jay Tholen released an album available free here. Go download that album, and be amazed once again by the versatility of Jay Tholen.

New Gamewave Podcast episode/mixtape

It's been six months since our last episode, but the Gamewave Podcast is pleased to bring you another guest hosted episode from Steve Jenkins of Crystal Labs. This mixtape features over 40 minutes of top-drawer tracks from artists including trash80, Linde, Jay Tholen and Spiny Norman, perfect for your chiptune-themed gym workout or for listening to whilst relaxing on the beach this summer.

And there's also some good news regarding the long-term future of the Gamewave Podcast. Now that Joe has finished his degree he's planning to head out to Japan this summer to start work there. However, having met up with members of Spheres of Chaos recently, the guys are plotting to begin recording episodes again over Skype soon. Look out for new shows from this autumn/fall.

Also, keep any emails coming in to the usual address. Despite the show being on hiatus at various points over the last couple of years, the emails we receive from fans have shown us there's demand for the show and are one of the reasons we've decided to start recording again. We'd especially like to have some artist/track requests.

Check out Gamewave Podcast Episode 48, or subscribe at www.gamewavepodcast.com/rss.xml.

Jay Tholen - The Usurper Must Die!!! EP release

One of my long time favorite artists, Jay Tholen, has switched gears again, shifting from his chiptune adventure Danny's Incredible 8 Bit Voyage to a new album he describes as an "AVANT-POP, PROG-HOP ONSLAUGHT OF RIGHTEOUS RAGE"

The Usurper Must Die!!! is a short EP filled with a cavalcade of genres, moods, and sounds. The album kicks off with the antiquated musical turned grunge techno sounds of An Apocalyptic Toast. This song slowly shifts into Broadhead Fillmore Comes to Town. A haunting yet excitedly sung tune that keeps a catchy tune even as the narrator of the songs emotions shift from excitement to darkness through to frustration and acceptance.

We take a break after the last emotionally tiring song with the soft instrumental We're Just Kids, We're Just Children followed by the softly sung tune That's Not You, which breezes along a glitchy acoustic track. We are then introduced to the hip hop style beat of Whoever, Really!.

Throughout the album, even with all the shifting moods and styles, Jay Tholen brings a cohesive story along through the eight short songs, which culminates in the final track Bezalel's Song. We are met with a foreboding piano movement that slowly fades into a reprise of voices rising and rising, then like everything else, fades away in a wash of anachronistic sounds and songs.

This album isn't chiptunes and as such there is no definitive connection to video games with this album, but this is an amazing listen to fans of multiple genres and styles, and of interesting song writing. You can grab the album free over at jaytholen.net. He also mentions that he does have a new chiptune album in the works though, and of course I am highly excited for that as well!

Josh Whelchel announces Songs for the Cure '10 - charity album for cancer research

Songs for the Cure '10 from Josh Whelchel on Vimeo.

Like the past couple years, Josh Whelchel has been hard at work organizing compilations among the video game composer, chiptune, and VG remix communities and more for a noble cause. That cause is the Songs for the Cure 2010 compilation. The goal of the album is to raise money for the Relay for Life event held specifically at the University of Cincinnati and the American Cancer Society through music. The goal is to raise 10,000 dollars for cancer research by April 23rd, 2010. As of the time of this writing they are at exactly $3,194...No wait. $3,198 dollars. With your help the goal of 10,000 can be reached, and hopefully even surpassed over the next two months!

RIght now until March 1st (which is only a few days away!) the album is available with a donation right now. Head over to cancerdrive.org and send $10 to this great cause and you will receive a digital copy of the album in both MP3 and FLAC audio formats. If you want to really help though, a donation of $25 will net you a fancy free hard copy (and no S&H either). These prices only last until March 1st though, so be sure to place your orders right away!

What do you get on this album you might be asking though. Well you will be getting amazing music from the following list of performers, which include some of the best and brightest from VG Rock, VG Remixes, chiptunes, VGM, and independent music.

Two Seconds Away, Stemage, David DiMuzio, Alec & Eileen Holowka, Josh Whelchel, Jay Tholen, Big Giant Circles, Jessi Bair, Inez S. deDeugd-McComas, Morgen La Civita, Michael Huang, David Saulesco, Renee Winter, Tara Morrow, Helen Austin, Chiwawa, Inverse Phase, Michael Tanenbaum, Average Joe Crane, Roth Herrlinger, Melinda Hershey, Rich Brilli, Midnight Prophet, Bradley Burr, Rob Westwood, Terry Whitehead, Fever Pitch, FFMusicDJ & Postgoodism, Battlecake, Craig Stern, Danny Clay, T.R. Beery, Martha Mingle, Zen Albatross, 5 of 6, Barry van Oudtshoorn, J.W. Hendricks, 12 Followers/Meteo Xavier, Poolside, Gonçalo Lourenço, and more!

And to give you a taste of some of these amazing tracks, Josh Whelchel has sent me a demo for you to check out or download below. And remember, donate now at cancerdrive.org! [gplayer href="http://gamemusic4all.com/audio/Songs%20for%20the%20Cure%20%2710%20Preview.mp3"]Songs for the Cure 2010 preview featuring Stemage - The Challenger; Tara Morrow - Your Name; Battlecake - Time Scar (Chrono Cross Arr.); and Josh Whelchel - Sing Gloria (feat. Tara Morrow, Melinda Hershey, Rich Brilli)[/gplayer] Download Songs for the Cure 2010 Preview

New Gamewave Podcast episode

The listeners asked for it, so I sat down yesterday and recorded my first episode of the Gamewave Podcast in about a year and a half!  I usually record a Christmas Special around this time of year, but there's so much great new music that I decided to just play non-festive tunes from arcadecoma., lpower, Spheres of Chaos, Jay Tholen, Machinae Supremacy, C-jeff, IAYD, Henry Homesweet, Fighter X and The J. Arthur Keenes Band.

Gamewave Podcast

Game Music 4 All even gets a mention.  Head over to gamewavepodcast.com or subscribe to the feed at gamewavepodcast.com/rss.xml to listen!

Jay Tholen - Danny's Incredible 8-Bit Voyage album release

A good while back I happened upon a young chiptune artist from Florida, and was promptly blown away by a cleverly made chiptune zombie apocalypse. The great chiptunes, surrounded by effective sounds and great narration (ably done by glomag) filled a niche in chiptunes that I had never even known needed attention.

Well after a few fantastic forays into other musical genres Jay Tholen returns to chiptunes with another high concept album. This time a mixture of landscape painting chiptunes and fantastic audiobook style narration (this time by Andres Williams) combine to create an adventure of selfishness and redemption, of action and amusement. I plan on having a lengthier review of this album soon as well, but I honestly expect every person who reads these words to download this incredible album. Head over to jaytholen.net right now!

The Start Screen comes out of Beta and I write video game inspired music articles for them

So for those who may not have heard, new video game site, The Start Screen has come out of Beta. The site is hosting a new layout and lots of fresh content. Why exactly is a website coming out of beta big news? Well because I am a contributor to some of that great content!

Indeed I am now a contributor to The Start Screen and will be continuing to spread the word about video game inspired music and art there. The articles on the site will be introductory style posts for different artists and their albums. Be sure to check out The Start Screen and sign up for the site. Also be sure to check out the articles I have written so far over there, and perhaps leave some comment love and let the folks there know that there are plenty of fans for articles about video game inspired music!

Here is a list of articles I have written so far for The Start Screen.

Josh Whelchel releases compilation to raise money for cancer research and helping victims of cancer.

So recently video game musician Josh Whelchel contacted me about not just an important album, but the most important album ever! Well okay, maybe I am being a little over dramatic, but hopefully it has your attention, because it is something highly important none the less! The gist of it is that Josh Whelchel has collected some well known and up and coming musicians from the world of VG composing and VG inspired music to contribute to an amazing album. Artists like Mustin and Jay Tholen, not to mention VG composers like Kyle Gabler (World of Goo) and David Saulesco (Eternal Daughter). The album is solely dedicated to helping raise money for cancer research and helping victims of cancer. You can order the album right now at Whelchel's Relay For Life drive page. The album is ten dollars for a digital copy (which also comes with an exclusive bonus album of music by Josh Whelchel) and a donation of $25 gets you a spiffy physical copy to be proud of! Read Whelchel's words below for all the info and a full rundown of all the artists!

Relay for Life is a national event where participants all around the country raise money on behalf of the American Cancer Society and honor victims of cancer. The event is responsible for raising millions of dollars annually that goes directly to funding cancer research, lab materials, and to helping victims of cancer. In addition to raising money, participants in the relay spend the night walking laps adorned with luminaria commemorating survivors and victims of the disease. The event that we are supporting is through the University of Cincinnati and will be held on April 24th, 2009 at 6:00pm EST. It is our goal to raise over $1,500 by this time! (We can get there faster if you ask your company if they will match donations!)

Last year, I managed to raise over $800 for the American Cancer Society by offering my latest soundtrack to anyone who donated over $5. This year, I'm hoping to raise even more money, and I've got new plans to help me do so. In an effort to do so, I've gotten together with a selection of extremely talented composers and musicians to help assemble an exclusive album for this year's fund raiser.

Anyone who donates $10 or more will receive an exclusive digital copy of this album. Donating $25 or more will not only get you the digital album, but it will also score you a physical copy of the album that will be sent to you absolutely free. The entirety of your donation goes to the American Cancer Society, and all of the expenses are being covered out of our pocket. In addition, all donations are tax-deductible!

The exclusive relay for life album will contain music from:
Mustin of OCRemix.org fame and head of Mustin Productions,
Karen Kosowski, fabulous singer and producer,
Jimmy Hinson, talented composer and arranger for OCRemix.org (big giant circles),
Kyle Gabler, fantastic composer from 2D-Boy and for World of Goo,
Alec Holowka, composer for the successful independent game Aquaria,
David Saulesco, super talented Swedish composer known for the Eternal Daughter soundtrack,
Inez S. deDeugd-McComas, ultra-gifted composer from the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music,
Vincent Parrish, composer featured on thesixtyone.com,
Jay Tholen, talented and multi-faceted musician leading a successful solo career,
Barry van Oudtshoorn, Australian Composer Extraordinaire!
Josh Whelchel from The Spirit Engine 2 and Bonesaw: The Game,
Jussi Nieminen, a progressive-rock genius,
David Thatcher, composer for indie-games,
James Starkey, collaborating with David,
Shane Lu, virtuoso pianist, and
David "Warrior Bob" H. from Trax in Space!

You've never had MORE reasons to donate!

This album will contain solo works and collaborations between these artists in a unique effort battle cancer. Last year, albums were delivered shortly after the event, and I guarantee to have the music delivered to you by April 26th at 9:00pm EST.

In addition to receiving this exclusive album, you will also receive a free copy of Josh Whelchel's upcoming album as a bonus gift. This means that you will be getting two complete albums of music for a donation of only $10 or more!

To take advantage of this incredible opportunity, and more importantly support the fight against cancer and show support to those who have and are currently struggling with this disease, you should head to my Relay for Life page, here. Again, this promotion will only be available to you if you donate $10 or more!

This offer is only available up until the Relay for Life event, on April 24th at 6:00PM (Eastern Standard Time)!

Thanks for your support,
Josh Whelchel!

And finally, Josh also informed me about the promotional video for the album, which you can check out below!

Relay For Life 2009: Indie Music Campaign from Josh Whelchel on Vimeo.

Jay Tholen - Your Sonic Residence and Transistor album releases

I have let not one, but two amazing album slip past you fine folks in a fit of non-writing. I am here now to tell you about those albums. Jay Tholen has released two small yet powerful creations, the Your Sonic Residence and Transistor albums. Both albums can be downloaded absolutely free at jaytholen.net/releases.html along with other amazing albums like one of my personal favorites, Epidemic (check out my glowing review here).

Your Sonic Residence is described as "an experimental release combining prog rock, shoegaze, electronic, and minimalist influences" by Tholen himself. This is true as he departs from the world of chiptunes to craft a soft and detailed electronic landscape through six tracks containing a multitude of instruments and sounds.

Transistor on the other hand is amazing album created in the best record bin diving tradition. Using samples from old records along with his amazing musical prowess he crafts seven catchy and interesting songs (and also does a cover of a certain Johnny Cash song). My personal favorite track is definitely the third track The Whistleblower. This is another amazing effort by Tholen showcasing his amazing breadth of skill when it comes to tackling any and every musical genre under the sun.

I can not recommend these albums enough, they are definitely ones that need to be heard and I hope you have the pleasure of being the ones who do hear them. Once again you can download the albums at jaytholen.net/releases.html!

Letters VS Numbers episode 001: "Mistakes Will Be Made"

DOWNLOAD THIS WEEK'S PODCAST or Subscribe to our podcast AT THIS FEED!

I want to announce Mister B and I's new endeavor! A podcast dedicated to a diverse array of Video Game Inspired Music and Nerdcore!

This week is our inaugaral podcast! Episode 001. That's right, all those zero's mean we plan on doing over one hundred podcasts someday! Anyway, this week's podcast is one and a half hours, although the planned goal is 1 hour for future shows. We also plan on busting out more songs more often.

Anyway, in this episode, we discuss Voodoo invoking rappers, scandals that will make you drop your tea cup in horror, Mister B's girl advice, and even why I hate Scott McCloud. Not to mention all that wonderful Nerd music that our podcast is built around!

Tracks played this week.
Dan Plus Add - Wikiversity [EXCLUSIVE]
8 Bit Instrumental - Vacation in Miranda's Beach? (Ending Theme)
Emergency Pizza Party - Bottle Breakin
The Adventures of Duane and Brand0 - Duck Hunt
Stunt Junkies - Sperm Donor
Jay Tholen - Drift Downstream

Websites mentioned this week.

Send podcast feedback, praise, suggestions, etc to lettersvsnumberspodcast AT gmail DOT com


Jay Tholen - Epidemic album review

The best way to describe this album is with the following highly scientific mathematical equation: (War of the Worlds + Dawn of the Dead)+ Chiptunes = Epidemic by Jay Tholen

After Shnabubula raised the bar for chiptune composers everywhere with his recent release, out of nowhere Jay Tholen comes and reaches that same inhumanly high standard with his newest album release Epidemic! The artwork is amazing, the songs evoke all the right feelings, and the news reports help build the atmosphere beautifully! You can purchase the album at Jay Tholen's myspace blog, and I highly suggest you do so!

So let's start with the first track, which, isn't really a track at all. another amazing artist, Glomag, appears in a new capacity, as Michael Helman, radio news reporter. the album kicks off with News Bulletin - 5:34 PM, which sets up the story line for the whole album. I won't get into the news report tracks too much, but will say that Glomag plays the reporter part brilliantly. and the sound effects used during the reports are amazingly done. bringing back the spirit of classic radio dramas. The first news bulletin fades right into the first track proper. Twilight Invasion, this track evokes memories of games like Castlevania, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors, but also classic horror films like Night of the Living Dead, and radio dramas like War of the Worlds. This track sets up beautifully the feeling of an epidemic suddenly bursting forth as one night is drawing to a close. He uses sound effects to good use, but doesn't overdo it, in fact, if not paying attention, you might even miss the sound effects as they transition so seamlessly with the music. The track ends with an eerie fadeout, as if the scene was left unfinished. which leads to the next News Bulletin, News Bulletin - 7:42 PM, this time, with reports of a more dire situation.

The beat on the following song, Suburban Sprawl, is grittier and less foreboding than the song that preceded it. It conveys a sound as if, it's time the humans band together and fight back. This song certainly seems to have a bit more fight in it, which contrasts very well with the opening track. This leads to the third song, Metropolis Down, which seems to be a song about the zombies hitting the first heavily populated area. The intro effects are very amazing for this track, and really make the track feel full. This track is another one filled with dread and panic. With a great riff running through the track, this one stands out as one of my favorites on the album. This song filters out with radio static, until we find ourselves once again with our faithful news reporter for News Bulletin - 12:05 AM.

Now we are at what I like to consider the rescue song. It is named Rooftop Prayer, and like the other songs which can evoke feelings of loss and fear, this one is able to evoke emotions of hope. This song feels a little slower, and sans sound effects gives a simpler feeling as well. The riff that comes in just after two minutes, is also beautiful, and stands out as one of my favorite parts of the album. Once again we dive right into the next track, which starts with some helicopters, indicating that those rooftop prayers have been answered for now. This song, Escape, seems to be filled with more tension, as if the fight against this epidemic continues, but with much lost hope. As if fighting a battle you may be doomed to lose. This track ends with a pretty tough and quick ending, finished off with more helicopter effects, News Bulletin - 8:20 AM explains why. This is the final news bulletin on the album, and with this one, they are able to really show how the radio drama style can be done to great effect. You can really feel for the news reporter in his final farewell.

This brings us to our final song. Also my favorite song on the album. Drift Downstream is a very somber song, as if looking back on all the events of this one terrible night for humanity. At around the two minute mark, the track starts to build up with a riff that grows stronger as the song progresses. Then we hit a beautiful build which helps put more power into the song. This breaks back down into more of the looking back feel that the track started with. This slowly fades out, while an amazingly used sound effect is brought in to end the track. I don't think I am exaggerating when I say this is possibly the best ending to any chiptune album I have ever heard.

One person survived.

This album needs to be purchased to understand the full range of abilities and emotions that can be revealed through the art of chiptune music. I feel kind of weird going on and on about Pixelh8's album, then Shnabubula's EP, and now this highly brilliant piece of work by Jay Tholen. But what can I say? this year is already seen chiptunes step up their game to an insane degree, and there is no denying that.

I feel like this album, with it's concept, it's art, and it's execution, should definitely be a cult classic of chiptunes. With a release like this, I can only see Jay Tholen become a common name to chiptune fans VERY soon.

Jay Tholen - Epidemic album release

I just downloaded and unzipped this album today and I am HOOKED. this new album by Jay Tholen is quite amazing! combining my love for the War of the Worlds radio drama, zombies, and chiptunes into one amazing package! it has 6 amazing songs along with news reports brought to you by another awesome artist Glomag. 10 tracks in total, that display a wide and vivid range of style setting up the exact feel of being in a zombie struggle.

Well anyway, I have to save something for my upcoming review of this epic chiptunes album, so basically, head over to his myspace page blog, and purchase this album, you will not regret it!

Also, be sure to check out his Virb page for a listen to the album in it's entirety, as well as heading over to his website to download all his wonderful free EP's he has made over the years for you fine listeners.

Gamewave Podcast Episode 39

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Gamewave Podcast Episode 39 is now available, and it's a good 'un, featuring music from Spamtron, Pixelh8, NES1, The Depreciation Guild, cheap dinosaurs, Jay Tholen and Sintecoraz. There's also a track from Disasterpeace's awesome new full-length, Level. Make sure to listen on some nice headphones.

(Like you haven't already), subscribe at www.gamewavepodcast.com/rss.xml.

Individual episode

Jay Tholen - Master Sequencer album release

Florida resident artist Jay Tholen has released his Latest EP for free to the public. You can download it at Jay's website. This release has some cool pixel artwork, and and some very catchy glitch chippy sounds. I wish I would have come across this impressive artist sooner! I would continue but I think Jay explains the album best himself.

Master Sequence is an epic journey into stunning electronically enhanced sound forms. Square, triangle, and pulse waves are manipulated in grand fashion. Your soul will do a slow motion back flip from start to finish, guaranteed.

Just kidding jerks it's just another one of my garbage electronic EPs. Haha tricked you. Travis Woodson contributes some fancy Pro-One Synth on Track 5.

[1] Birth Sequence {2:54}
[2] Knowledge Sequence {3:42}
[3] Warning Sequence {1:21}
[4] Wisdom Sequence {3:02}
[5] Master Sequence {5:44}