Doctor Octoroc titles upcoming album - After These Messages

Good pal and unlicensed practitioner Doctor Octoroc has been hard at work on his latest album, and now comes to us with a title, as well as possible track listing! After These Messages is the long awaited chiptune follow up to last years 8 Bit Jesus (which would be a good album to fire up right about now). For the uninformed, Doctor Octoroc has taken the concept from 8 Bit Jesus, and decided to apply it to a more commercial affair. This time taking well known television show themes from the 80's and early 90's and giving them a lo-fi chiptune makeover.

As Doctor Octoroc puts it, imagine if classic sitcoms and television shows got game adaptions to the NES. Cheers would possibly be like Root Beer Tapper. Can you get the Fresh Prince from Philly to Bel Air over 6 levels? Can you collect all the evidence and convict the 8 bit criminal in Law & Order? These are the things you will be contemplating as you listen to the album.

Doctor Octoroc says that he shall be adding all the songs to an awesome flash player soon for you all to enjoy. so stay up to date over at for the latest!