Doctor Octoroc releases preview tracks of upcoming untitled album

So Doctor Octoroc has been hard at work on his follow up chiptune album to 8 Bit Jesus, and has recently announced that he has some tracks available to preview on his website. You can check out the songs through this link. The album is currently untitled, but will be a full album of TV show and cartoon themes done in an 8 Bit style with the idea being "what if these shows were adapted into NES games?"

Check out the tracks and see if you can place them to each TV show! I think I got only 2 out of 5. Beat that!

Also on a related note, two other awesome things about Doctor Octoroc, he has recently made a stand alone sit for his previous effort, 8 Bit Jesus. So check that out if you are currently in the dark about that album, as the site has previews of every track on the album.

The second thing is that Doctor Octoroc was featured on G4TV alongside Nerdcore Rising and Get Lofi. Check out the footage below!