Doctor Octoroc announces new album - Tension

I had many a doctor pun planned for this heading (and maybe even one Octoroc one!), but alas, Doctor Octoroc shot down each of them with a well placed rock shot from his very mouth.

Anyway, video game music remixer Dr. Octoroc has begun work on a new album entitled Tension. This album will contain classical renditions of many beloved NES themes. A few of them are even up now on his myspace page, including an epic Metroid medley. The whole track list hasn't quite been worked out just yet though I've been informed, so if have your own suggestion for a song that you would like to hear, be sure to leave him a comment or shoot him a message on myspace and let him know!

Also, in more Doctoroc related news, he is also working on the artwork for one of GM4A's upcoming compilations! Yes, musical and drawing ability, and still has time to heal the sick, amazing.