Sitorimon - My Hill Is Not Silent album release

Turns out the Writer/Owner of the well written Higher Plain Music blog is also quite the musician as well. Sitorimon has recently released an album inspired by the Silent Hill series, which is aptly called My Hill Is Not Silent.

The album boasts a wide array of different styles and instrumentation. Like the angry sounds in Terror of the Night to the claustrophobic tunes coming from the Dark Space track. The album even goes into more offbeat territory like the blues/electronic style track Life on The Next Plain and the particularly experimental piece Rewind. This album covers a lot of ground and definitely sets up a great atmosphere with each track.

My Hill Is Not Silent is definitely the type of album that deserves some close inspection to get full enjoyment out of it. Anyway, I recommend you find out for yourself how great the album is by heading to and downloading it for yourself! This is certainly a must listen for anyone that likes laid back music that is still very experimental.