Evilwezil - Chronophobe album release

EvilWezil = Chronophobe
EvilWezil = Chronophobe

A few months back we received another amazing Pause release from EvilWezil. This time, in full length glory is Chronophobe. I'll let EvilWezil explain, in a manner of speaking...

Attention residents of 3052. I, the future’s EvilWezil, have travelled back in time to free my past self from your unbreakable ultraprison. Together, we bring the destruction of your valuable time line. Those of you who continue to exist, you will not remember the world as it now is known. We shall erase your ancestors, Summer Sage, and your Chrononauts is not match for our armada which has all the splendid villains of history. We do not desire the money already. We pursue only vengeance, and times are on our side. EvilWezils cannot be stopped!!!

And with that kicks off 15 tracks of glitched out, over the top chiptune mayhem. From the futuristic and ominous tones of the opening track Operation Timeout we are sent on a cybernetic journey through time. The genres and styles swirl in a glitchy mix of moody tones and fast paced walls of sound throughout the album. Metal in the Microwave starts out with an ambient discord, before slowly building into a villainous battle song. Then there is personal favorite track Some Times Roll Hard which throws together high rhythms with a glitchy lead track that creates an ever churning unease that leads you through the song.

Another stand out track is Nothing Ever Changes, a dreamlike track which washes over you with a wave of chip sounds and sporadic effects to create a feeling of almost nightmarish discomfort. The album closes with Singularity Falls, A rough reprise that creates an almost space western type feeling as the glitchy rhythms lumber forward over a nostalgic lead which takes hold of the song, and slowly finishes off the album.

Clocking in at nearly an hours worth of music, Chronophobe is definitely a strong experience that will leave you depleted through it's stirring tones and glitches. Once again you can grab the album through the Chronophobe download page. You can also see EvilWezil performing live next week at our concert West Coast Wigout 2.