Voodoo Lion strikes back with 'Episode II: Rust and Blood,' an album of haunting video game remixes

No escape. 

I ask, and Voodoo Lion delivers with Episode II: Rust and Blood. I have to take a good look at this album before October is through, because this is an appropriately terrifying album of deep dark hip hop beats. I can't imagine a better collection of tracks to get into that Halloween spirit. 

The album opens with "A Crimson Trail" which includes the creepiest start up sound the original PSX ever mustered. It's like the console disc version of The Ring.  Despite the PSX sounds, or perhaps, because of the haunted nature of this specific PlayStation 1, the album moves directly into a personal favorite from the album, though my nostalgia is appropriately biased. In "Cave of the Past," VL reimagines one of the more disconcerting tracks from the Earthbound soundtrack into another banging hip hop beat. If you're a fan of EB and Hip Tanaka, then you know how disconcerting things can get. The track starts out that very way, but as soon as Voodoo lays down the drums, it all comes together. This is also another track that needs to be in my someday Earthbound hack, Erfbound.

No horror themed VG remix collection is complete without the creepy binaural beats of "Lavender Town" from the original set of Pokemon games. Haunting sounds and fading voices really drive home the dreary cemetery atmosphere of the sad small town. Some of you beatsmiths and rappers are making me want to create another Pokemon based SUBCON sooner than later.

Another staple of both creepy and quality VGM is the eclectic music of Akira Yamaoka from the Silent Hill series (RIP Silent Hill series). Voodoo does the man proud by mixing in the dissonant sounds of "Pyramid Head" into a bumping rhythm that I could jam to all day. Did I already mention an earlier track is my favorite? If so, no, it's this track, this one is my favorite.

The full album is plain greatness. Perhaps if Voodoo Lion hits me up via some platform or another, I'll find the time to discuss the rest of the album. That's right, I'm holding this review hostage, see? You can split this with the constant love I give Vodoo on the SUBCON podcast.

So Voodoo Lion has dropped two albums in about as many months, and both of them have been hot fire on a global event scale, like a solar blast directly from the sun. Both albums have taken a section of Voodoo Lion's life, and has shared that moment with us via some ridiculously hype remixes. This guy should be Bandcamp/SoundCloud famous long before I write these words. Guy should at least get a Twitter. 

Still don't know much about this guy, but he has dropped not one, but two of my favorite albums of 2015. If he keeps this pace up, I might just have a heart attack before the year is through. What I am saying is, this guy needs all the support we can muster. Call me selfish, but I do not want Voodoo Lion to stop making these intense, one-of-a-kind remixes. Maybe I should go back and review Episode I a little harder too...

Sitorimon - My Hill Is Not Silent album release

Turns out the Writer/Owner of the well written Higher Plain Music blog is also quite the musician as well. Sitorimon has recently released an album inspired by the Silent Hill series, which is aptly called My Hill Is Not Silent.

The album boasts a wide array of different styles and instrumentation. Like the angry sounds in Terror of the Night to the claustrophobic tunes coming from the Dark Space track. The album even goes into more offbeat territory like the blues/electronic style track Life on The Next Plain and the particularly experimental piece Rewind. This album covers a lot of ground and definitely sets up a great atmosphere with each track.

My Hill Is Not Silent is definitely the type of album that deserves some close inspection to get full enjoyment out of it. Anyway, I recommend you find out for yourself how great the album is by heading to Sitorimon.com and downloading it for yourself! This is certainly a must listen for anyone that likes laid back music that is still very experimental.