ComputeHer - Modemoiselle album release

Los Angeles based chiptunestress ComputeHer has recently dropped an amazing album on us. Modemoiselle is nine tracks and two demos worth of catchy, club style breakbeat chiptune dance music. Kicking off with some of that classic modem sounds before resounding into a harp like build, then right into the crowd moving first song SysOp. The catchy rhythms are found through out the album, with funky tracks like Twilight Byte or the pulsating sounds of my personal favorite track from the album, Naughty Bits.

The album is available through the newly redesigned, in both physical form, in a fancy floppy disc styled case, or via digital means through Bandcamp. If you like your chiptunes with a heavy dose of catchy rhythms, this is definitely an album worth putting on your dancing shoes for.

Also, I have word that if you click through this link here, you can download the album, absolutely free, but only for a very limited time, so hurry up!