Letters VS Numbers episode 012: "Science is Mischievous"

The beginning of a new year and we are still doing things the same way, with a late podcast. This one is entitled Letters VS Numbers episode 012: "Science is Mischievous". And it most certainly is! This week we talk about every manner of things, including Street Fighter, caffeine naps, scientific research, and even Christmas seeing how this podcast was recorded last month! It has been a while and we hope this gives you a good LvN fix to kick off the new year!

Also, as stated in the show, check out this footage from Z. of Hipster, Please! of LvN live! youtube.com/watch?v=-BD3x-tP5go Make it go all youtube viral and all that good stuff!

Oh! Also should mention we have banners for you to help support the show here lettersvsnumbers.blogspot.com/2008/04/banners.html

Listener Emails
We have a very special email this week from one awesome fan, and also one sort of confusing spam email this week. We enjoyed one of them! Be sure to send in any emails you have to lettersvsnumberspodcast AT gmail DOT com so we can read them on air!

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