Letters VS Numbers episode 013a: "The Lifestream Made Me Do It" and episode 013b: "And Running and Running and Running"

PART A: MisterB is back! I REPEAT, MisterB is back! And to celebrate we have an enormous insane epic podcast if there ever was one. In fact it is so epic that it is two parts long! Part 1 is Letters VS Numbers episode 013a: "The Lifestream Made Me Do It". Not only do we have all the ruckus that is MisterB, but we also have plenty of bonus ruckus brought to us by special guest host Ma (who also writes for Game Music 4 All by the way). I like to think we are in full form and then some with this podcast. It has been far too long and we are glad to be back, I hope you are too!

PART B: We are ready for round 2, better known as Letters VS Numbers episode 013b: "And Running and Running and Running". If you were saddened by the abrupt ending of the last podcast you can take relief that part b of episode 13 is up now! This is the second half of the return of MisterB. Not to mention more shenanigans from Ma and I. The suspense from part a is now at a fevered pitch, and we return you to the podcast with no further interruptions!

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