8 Bit Instrumental - Mega Man 2 Soundtrack Beat the 8 Super Robots With 8 Bit Instrumental album release and art contest

Brazilian musician's 8 Bit Instrumental have released a devastatingly impressive full length tribute to Mega Man entitled Beat the 8 Super Robots With 8 Bit Instrumental. The album is available for free from their website (translated version at this link) and clicking through the "Mega Man Soundtrack 2" link on the left. The album is a lengthy 45 minutes and includes the following 14 tracks, along with a word from 8BI.

Mega Man 2 is for us one of the best soundtracks ever composed, so we decided to make our tribute to those wonderful songs. This album is fully produced by the band 8 Bit Instrumental from Brazil, and we hope everyone enjoy it.

1. Welcome to the Wily's Happy Party (Opening & Title Theme)
2. Select how to rock your bosses (Select Stage/Boss)
3. Funk Bubble (Bubble Man Stage)
4. Ordinary Man (Flash Man Stage)
5. The Voyager (Quick Man Stage)
6. Metal Disco (Metal Man Stage)
7. Cara de Pau (Wood Man Stage)
8. Hard Core Man (Air Man Stage)
9. Rush Hour? Crash Hour!(Crash Man Stage)
10. Fusion Toez (Heat Man Stage)
11. Password
12. I Hate Blue Robots (Dr. Wily Stages 1-5)
13. Huge Bosses (Boss Battle Theme)
14. Vacation in Miranda's Beach? (Ending Theme)

Also, along with their newest release, they are having a contest to see who can design the best cover art for this impressive album! To find out more about the contest you can check out their website (again, translated version at this link) for all the info, or email them directly at 8bitvgm[at]gmail[dot]com. The winner will receive a prize package including the album, shirts, and more! So if you are an artist, try your hand at this contest, which ends February 15th, 2008.