Pokemon by Cryptid-Creations on deviantART


Amazing Pokemon artwork from Piper Thibodeau. You can check out tons more via her deviantART page. There was so much great art (Piper is up to Pokemon #134 as of this writing, and I am eager to see how she finishes out the Eevee line) that I couldn't decide which one to use as the opening to this post, so check out a few more of my favorites below!

Super I Am 8 Bit returns August 11th in Los Angeles with over 100 artists, performances by DJ R-Rated, A_Rival, and Leeni

If you are anywhere near Los Angeles, or can get here by August 11th without leaving too many ruined lives in your wake, then make sure to not miss out on the return, and upgrading of I Am 8 Bit to the Super I Am 8 Bit art show. The use of the word 'Super' is not being taken lightly either. Along with the first new show in a few years, they return with a brand new book release. The show itself is planned to feature the work of over a hundred artists, all of which will be on display in a spacious new venue.

The gallery will run from August 11th on through September 10th, but only opening night will host sure to be amazing performances by chiptune musician and singer Leeni, and chip-hop lyricist A_Rival. While getting nostalgiac as you walk the gallery, DJ R-Rated will be spinning some classic video game inspired mixes to get you in that gaming mood. Finally, no video game tribute could be complete without some interactive art, which will be on display opening night as well, such as an enormous "arcade cabinet" (their qotations, not mine.) and a retro hack for Kinect.

Hack in Black: A look at Mario Kart Black

Sometimes, around the borders of the video game worlds we are so enchanted with, buried behind message boards and traded in the more obscure reaches of the internet lie the odd hidden curiosity. As most people know (certainly the readers of this site do), the obsession of video games for most goes beyond simply playing them. We are inspired by video games, enough so to create them and/or pay tribute to them in a variety of ways. Considering the influence games can have on a varied collection of people, it's not surprising that some have found more imaginative or niche outlets for their creativity than others.

One of these niche curiosities I have encountered is a texture hacked version of Mario Kart Wii created by Roobix available here, or here (registration required). Don't forget to grab the soundtrack as well, you can thank me for that later. For those in the dark, simply imagine an unlicensed remix of the same core game, swapping out colors, palettes, and maps, and editing them heavily. Unlike some well known hacks, this one is of a purely cosmetic nature, but don't let that deter you from this one of a kind Mario Karting experience.


Yes, it is self rated as Mature.

Among my friends, I seem to be the only one that takes Mario Kart to a high degree of seriousness. Probably too seriously, according to the restraining order from the local LAN center. When I get behind the wheel of these outlandish carts, my mind shifts into a focused, aggressive racing machine. Considering the sales, and constant excitement for new Mario Kart games, I am sure I am not alone in this reverence to Mario and his Karts. Now it is with that frame of mind that I decided to try out Mario Kart Black.

Once I went through all the necessary adjustments to get this hack running on my console, I realized that the only reference I had as I started Mario Kart Black were memories of the last time I played Mario Kart Wii and the not quite so Mario-esque artwork that accompanied this unofficial re-imagining. I was completely unsure of what I was in for in this strange texture hack, though the warning screen of Mario smoking a joint quickly gave me an idea.

At least he's off the mushrooms.

As the race starts, I'm reluctantly crouched at the starting line, engines, pumping...ahem. Sorry. See, along with the cosmetic changes, we are also treated to a completely new soundtrack, ripped from what must be an odd assortment of the creators own racing playlist. The song that marks the first race is non other than racing themed rock ballad Going the Distance by Cake. An agreeable choice, if not the most original. Although, while carving the now muddy raceway known as Dark Oval, it's hard not to sing along. It takes a moment to recall the original Luigi's Circuit as you tear through the dirt track, sending the now thuggishly renamed characters like Dro Bombs and Lil' Daisy to the back with a well placed chrome turtle shell. Yeah, they're chrome now. All of them.


Leading from the new but reasonable sights and sounds of the first level of Mario Kart Black, we take a turn for the mad in Mad Cow Meadows. As you slide in and out of a farm now in the throws of Autumn, the psychedelic cows may cause you to veer dead into them while the nostalgic, ambient tones of Alice by Pogo breeze along on the fall winds.



The third track in Mario Kart Black's Platinum Cup course sealed the fun of the game for me. A surreal night drive through an Alice in Wonderland inspired track brings you into an almost brand new game in the course, Shroom Bouncin'. Trumpets blare in a funky head bobbing beat courtesy of my favorite track in Mario Kart Black, 1976 by RJD2. Bounding across neon shaded shrooms in search of first place while a catchy chorus rolls alongside you is exactly where MKB hit it's stride. The moonlit scenery had sufficiently warped the memory of Mario Kart Wii in my mind. Now Mario Kart Black had become it's own experience and not just a simple palette swap.


Shroom Bouncin'

Though the time it takes to install the Homebrew Channel, and subsequent other programs and files to your Wii may take a fair bit of time, depending on your skill with such things (A skill I have none of, I must say), Mario Kart Black is well worth the effort if you have been looking for an excuse to bring Mario Kart back into the rotation of games you and your friends play. Each race track has a brand new feel, shifting the original into a series of psychedelic, evil, nostalgic, or just plain strange lands. Each of which is accompanied by interesting and entertaining song choices, from dubstep, to hip hop, to even showtunes. There are some courses that feel more inspired than others, but each of them work well to create a varied and new experience that seems to be more than the sum of a couple changed texture files. If you are in the mood to jump back behind the wheel, then check out this post over at mario-mods.com to get started.

Before I leave you to enjoy the game though, I have to mention a course that simply has to be played (especially since there are no quality videos of it on Youtube). To take it all in, you need sharp eyes, quick reflexes, and a slight obsession with cult classic RPG Earthbound. What results is the tracks namesake, Sensory Overload. Couple this with the surreal pop classic Downtown by Petula Clark blaring as you rush down the crowded streets of none other than the bent reality known as Moonside.

"I can sense...that...you have a controller...in your...hands..."

"Welcome to Moonside. Wel come to moo nsi ns dem oons ide."

"If you stay here too long, you'll end up frying your brain. Yes, you will. No, you will...not. Yesno, you will won't."

The streets are pitch black, with the exception of the cars rushing all around you while neon lit buildings loom over the racetrack. With a keen eye you might notice a few of the many references littered across billboards and along the sides of trucks as they quickly zoom past you. There isn't much time to take in the scenery though, since you will have your hands full careening around the barely visible course and weaving through the downtown traffic. Unfortunately, there is no Mani Mani statue to destroy to make it back to reality this time.

"We know how to sing but we don't know how to handle money or women. Do-wap. do do wop."

UPDATE: Added links to the game and soundtrack in the third paragraph.

Gaijin Games wants your artwork in Bit.Trip Runner

That's right, Gaijin Games is looking for some talented pixel artists to take things a bit lo-fi. Alex Neuse of Gaijin states, "We're lookin' for some "4-bit" graffiti art for one of the levels in BIT.TRIP RUNNER, the fourth game in CommanderVideo's epic journey of AWESOME!...We’re looking to use an undetermined amount of these fan-generated pieces in-game, so this is your chance to go down in history as a BIT.TRIP CONTRIBUTOR!"

Gaijin is looking for a boxy style similar to the past games in the Bit.Trip series. You can submit your artwork at this Gaijin Games post, or email it to info[AT]gaijingames.com. So if you are unfamiliar with what that style is, you best to download the first three games in the series over on Wiiware right away.

Doctor Octoroc now taking Christmas time bead sprite commissions

The well known bead sprite crafting extraordinaire (also well accomplished musician) Doctor Octoroc has recently announced that he is back from hiatus and ready to start creating some more great custom bead sprites for the coming holiday season.

If you have that certain special game and art lover in your life, Dr. Octoroc prescribes his own special bead sprites as the solution to your Christmas gift dilemmas. Of course you can cut out the middle man and purrchase some awesome artwork for yourself as well. Head over to doctoroctoroc.com, check out some artwork (or commission your own), and place your order today. I myself have been the recipient of some of his work, and still have my awesome gameboy color and SNES sitting above my desk today! If you are undecided definitely check out some more of his different works below!

STFUAJPGM, a new chiptune podcast

Fans of video game music, art and culture should check out a sweet little podcast called STFUAJPGM. This fairly new project describes itself as "a miniature micro-music mixtape magazine", with each episode featuring video game style music, videos and other art focused on a particular theme.

There are currently three episodes available for download and so far the show has featured contributions from Animal Style, alex mauer, Shnabubula, NESMETAL and Lawrence Power. The show is always on the lookout for contributions of any form too, so get in touch if you're interested.

Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo wallpapers from Doctor Octoroc

Musician and artist Doctor Octoroc has been hard at work finalizing the art and design for our upcoming compilation Here Comes a New Challenger II Turbo, and as a teaser of what is to come he has made available a new wallpaper to help you folks get excited about the upcoming release! Check it out at this link! I know the album is a bit delayed but we should have it out soon!

I also just want to mention, check out Doctoroc's bad ass 3D bead arts for F-Zero and the Vic Viper from Gradius. Very impressive work from two of my favorite games!

Jab, Strong, Fierce! Street Fighter Art Show opening

This past weekend I had the chance to head out to Gallery Nucleus for the opening of Jab, Strong, Fierce, which is the title of the recent Street Fighter tribute art show put together by I Am 8-Bit and Capcom to celebrate nearly two decades of Street Fighter greatness. There was plenty of awesome art on hand, raffles, a cosplay contest, live music (sadly no SF2HDRemix tunes though), an EVO sponsored Street Fighter 4 tournament, and more! I even ran into my good pals at RadNerd.com (I even helped record a segment with them, no idea when and where that will be posted though) and had a chance to meet the man behind I am 8-Bit. Of course I took plenty of photos from the show. You can check out some of my favorites below, and check out all the art and fun from the show through my photobucket.

It was a great time of course, and you can check out the exhibit yourself by heading down to Gallery Nucleus before May 11th when the show will come to a close.

ComputerMusic4Kids chiptune music installation

I have run across a very exciting project recently from my regular internet perusals. It is a very awesome looking music installation piece for children by Marieke who is already well known for her pixel animations. The installation is called ComputerMusic4Kids and is a very interesting and fun way for children to learn about a ton of game consoles from the 1970's to late 80's. You can check out everything about the project, including her work in progress blog on the project. It is all very exciting, but I think she explains it better than I do.

ComputerMusic4Kidz is an interactive electronic music installation for kids, inviting them to explore the history and sound of classic gaming consoles.

Gameconsoles have had an ever changing face ever since they were first introduced. It seems as if video games have been around forever. Almost everyone remembers the first game they played. But looking at the history of video game consoles, it's really only necessary to go back to the early 1970s. That's when it all started. Games such as Pong, Tetris and Space invaders, that have been created for early game consoles are ever as populair and can now be seen as symbols of contemporary culture. Computermusic4kids is meant to offer kids an insight in the relatively young history of the gameconsoles they play today.

The installation mainly focusses on the sounds that can be produced with classic gameconsoles and enables children to create music using classic gameconsole soundsamples. By using an intuitive interface children can navigate through a visual library, that contains a selection of gameconsoles produced between 1972 and 1990. By selecting a gameconsole they can produce music with samples that originate from the chosen gameconsole.

In my opinion this is very cool, and a very good way to show kids who did not grow up with all the classic consoles that we did a chance to hear and learn about the history of games and game music. So be sure to check out the ComputerMusic4Kids website! Hopefully they will be posting some videos from the exhibit very soon as well! And if you were wondering what game consoles were being included in this exhibit, check the list below. Was your favorite early console included?

  • Magnavox Odyssey: 1972
  • Atari 2600: 1977
  • Arcade: 1980
  • Commodore 64: 1981
  • ZX Spectrum: 1982
  • Nintendo Entertainment System: 1984
  • Vectrex: 1983
  • MSX: 1984
  • Sega Mastersystem: 1986
  • Amiga 500: 1987
  • Gameboy Classic: 1989


Did that title catch your attention? Well it better have because that is Doctor Octoroc's very goal! Pixelgasm is a brand new forum dedicated to pixel and sprite art of all sorts, including cross-stitching, pixel painting, and bead sprites. It was recently launched by Doctor Octoroc, and is, as he puts it, a place for "all VG inspired art that uses pixels as the base."

So head over and join the newborn but quickly growing Pixelgasm at doctoroctoroc.com/pixelgasm and check out some of the amazing work like the ones below, or even show off some work of your own!

Twilight Princess Link by Doctor Octoroc using Bead Sprites

Cross Stitched Link Guitar Strap by PaperRockScisorz

Interview with 8 Bit Artist

I very recently had the chance to chat with the ever talented and hard working 8 Bit Artist and ask him a few questions about his past, present and future artwork. A staple of the vg rock and art communities, and recently coming off of the 32 Bit Genocide show this past August, 8 Bit Artist is continuing to impress everyone with his new painting and art projects. You can check out all his amazing work, and perhaps even commission him for some amazing art at either myspace.com/8bitartist or 8-bit-painter.deviantart.com. Read on for an interesting interview as well as a short walk through some of his artwork (and be sure to click on the art for higher res shots of his work!).

What was the first piece of art you ever did in the 8 bit pixelated style? Where is that piece now?

The first piece I ever painted was just a plain mega man sprite on a single colored background. It looked like absolute ass. Lopsided. Blotchy paint. Squiggly pixels. It was a very good learning process for sure. My friend bought it off me for $10 and I joke with him to this day that the painting has increased in value to $11 since it was my very first painting. Safer investment than today’s stock market!

What was the most difficult piece you ever created? What was it that made it so difficult?

No piece is ever difficult, just more or less time consuming depending on the size of the pixels or the different color count. Pixel painting is very mechanical and anyone can do it if they really try and concentrate on it.

How difficult was the transition from 8 bit to 16 bit artwork?

It’s no more difficult. I just had to buy a lot more Tupperware because I had to save all the custom colors I mixed. I have almost 100 Tupperware containers and I’m still always mixing colors. Hahaha.

Have any new projects in the vein of the 3D goomba or Mega Man Pipes in the works?

I do have another set of pipes laying around that I had planned on painting Mario on one side and Luigi on the other. I just never got around to it yet. Painting on pipes and using the plumbers as the subjects only seems logical. As for the 3D Goomba/Para Troopa sculptures, I currently don’t have another one planned. The materials are quite expensive to buy and are very time consuming. I’d really have to stick to the smaller sprites with those because of how time consuming and expensive they are for me to make. If I was to make another one, it would most likely be a Spiny. I think that sprite would translate well to the wooden cubes.

What gave you the idea of creating a 3D block goomba?

A friend of mine bought me some little Nintendo magnets for Christmas the one year. These magnets were slightly raised up to give it a semi 3D look but it wasn’t fully 3D. It popped into my head about how cool it would be to make a sculpture that was still pixelated. Almost as if you stuck your hand into your TV and pulled out a Goomba and placed it on your floor. I was at my local art store and I saw these little wooden cubes for sale and the light bulb went off. Although they were 99 cents for 10 of them, making it impossible to build on the budget I had since the Goomba was 1440 wooden cubes. Luckily I found a website where I can buy them bulk and although still pricey, much more affordable. After gluing it together 1 block by 1 block, I sanded it and then painted it with a few coats, then clear coated it.

What about the Mega Man Pipes work, how did that come about?

I was out walking my dog Pixel when I came across all these pipes lying on the ground. A well known cable company was installing fiber optic cables in my apartment complex. I was looking for something to break up all the pixel painting I was doing and the idea just kind of hit me as my dog was pinching a biscuit in the bushes. I set my alarm for 3am to “permanently borrow” the pipes from them. The pipes were originally about 10 feet long so I had to borrow my friends electric saw blade to cut them all up to the size I had worked out. After that I had to paint them 180 degrees at a time and it was a pain. Haha, maybe that’s why I never started that Mario/Luigi pipe painting.

What game do you hope to do in the future and any reason why you haven't done that game yet?

There are only a few games definitely planned for the future and that’s Mega Man X and Final Fantasy 3. I’m also planning a Geno painting from SMRPG and I’m also doing a set of 5 Transformer paintings. Other stuff I come up with is just kind of random when I’m playing old school games. No real reason why I haven’t done those games yet. I just paint whatever ideas from to me spur of the moment. Oh I’m also planning a Paper Mario painting where he is banging Peach from behind. Hahahaha.

A while back you and Year 200X collaborated to simultaneously release a Zelda II painting and song. How did that come about? Any plans to do more collaborations like that with other bands?

That actually happened by accident. One night Tim from Y2KX and I were chatting on AIM and I had asked what he was working on and he mentioned Zelda II. Coincidentally I too was working on a Zelda II piece so I brought up the idea that we could simultaneously release our Zelda II projects to try and cross promote each other and help each other out. I wouldn’t rule out doing this again but most bands have their perspective albums out so it might not happen again for awhile.

Do you think that VG Inspired art has gained more credibility thanks to shows like Bit Genocide and I Am 8 Bit?

No doubt that the art has gained more credibility through those shows. I Am 8-Bit’s art is priced pretty high and in the art world, that helps with credibility. Bit Genocide is more of an indie DIY show put by people who are active in the scene which I embrace more.

Are there any artists whose work you enjoy or are inspired by?

Obviously the talented artists that originally made all these sprites is my biggest inspiration. What they have done with such a limited color palette is amazing in my eyes. Besides them, a few friends I have that are artists such as Daniel Fleres, Gus Fink, bLiNkY and others inspire me as well.

There seems to be a fair amount of overlap of fans in 8 bit art and VG rock. Do you find that people discover your art through the music, or perhaps find the music after seeing your artwork?

Definite over lap. It goes hand in hand which is what the Bit Genocide shows are all about. I mean, if you love my stuff, how can you not like bands like Entertainment System, Year 200X, The Megas and vice versa. We have a very tight knit community here where we all try and help each other out. A good number of us all got our start around the same time. So we all came up with each other and I consider them all brothers from other mothers. Hahahaha.

What are some of the bands and artists from the vg rock and/or remixing scene that you most enjoy listening to?

I never got big into the remixing scene and I feel bad saying that. I need to head over to OCRemix and see what they have to offer. As for VG rock though, I like pretty much all the bands, but my favorites are The Advantage, The Minibosses, Entertainment System, Year 200X and The Megas.

What paintings are you working on now?

I will be starting the Transformers paintings very soon. Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Soundwave, Starscream and Megatron. I polled my myspace fans and those 5 were the most popular.

What future creations do you have in store? Are these commissions or ones you personally want to do?

Commission wise I have a Shadowgate painting I need to do and I might possibly get commissioned to do an insane Chrono Trigger scene. I don’t want to spill more than what I have already, but I will say this... in 2009, I will be starting a series of paintings that will span to about 9-12 feet tall. Nothing will ever top this. Ever.

What's the biggest difficulty in creating your art?

Keeping myself sane from painting pieces that are nothing but squares. I have already stopped gridding a canvas and looked up at my ceiling and my ceiling was gridded, hahaha. If you add up every pixel painting I ever painted (over 150), it is without a doubt over 1,000,000 pixels painted total.

What system was the first one you owned? What were some of the first games you remember playing, and how did you enjoy them?

NES was my first system. The first gaming memory I have is playing my SMB/Duck Hunt cart with my family. Duck Hunt irritated me so I put my light gun against the screen and raised hell (like I’m sure everyone reading this has done).

Still playing video games lately? Anything you are currently obsessed with?

I have a Wii but have been disappointed with it lately. Although De Blob is a great game and I’m looking to rent Wario Land. 2009 however has me excited with Sin and Punishment 2, Punch Out Wii, The Conduit, Fragile and Mad World. Of course Mega Man 9 was getting a lot of play as well. I can beat the game in around 40 minutes now and I’m looking forward to playing it again as Proto Man.

How do you typically start to work on a painting? Any beginning steps you go through before you start painting?

I find a scene or someone emails me a scene they would like and I would work about the specs of what pixel size and canvas size I will end up using. After that I will crop the image to what I will paint, grid the canvas to my pixel size I specified and then start painting!

What are the most common tools you use to create your painted work? what about bead sprites and other work?

Emulator, T-Square, Light Lead Pencil, Paint, Tiny Square Brush, Hand, Tweezers. Haha, pretty much sums everything up.

What advice do you have for other artists creating VG inspired work?

Don’t be afraid to try it. Anyone can do this if they try and concentrate. I’m always helping people out who want to start this and ask me questions. There are other pixel painters out there that will help with questions as well.

Anything else you would like to add, or any questions I may have missed that you would like to answer?

Come say hi to me at MAGfest 7 Jan 1-2 2009. Stay tuned for 64-bit Genocide coming summer of 2009 on the east coast. Also keep a look out for a similar show brought to you by myself and Leo Camacho called Retro Revolution also coming summer of 2009 to the Los Angeles area. I’m trying to plan that anyone who attends Retro Revolution will get a free piece of art from me. Just one way I can give back to an amazing community that has supported me in the past 3 years. Also check out Dr Octoroc’s (doctoroctoroc.com) bead sprites. He is doing some amazing 3D things with them and is really the poster child for the perler bead scene. Thanks to Anthony and all the other great staff at GM4A for giving me the opportunity to answer some questions!


I would like to extend my thanks to 8 Bit Artist for taking the time to answer my questions, and as a finale to this interview, here is a recently posted video made by 8 Bit Artist and friends about all the artwork he created for 32 Bit Genocide.

New Year 200X shirts for sale now!

East coast rockers Year 200X has recently released some epic metal shirts to help with their release of We Are Error, their debut album. The shirts, designed by Leo Camacho sport both that VG and Metal flavors you love, and in three colors no less. So those of you who prefer to step out in all black can have yours, while those who like a bit of color (like me) can hit the town in a spiffy red or beige number (I picked the red one by the way). Check out the designs below, and be sure to order one from the Year 200X myspace page or their latest blog!

(click on the images for higher resolution)

I Am 8 Bit art show August 14th in Hollywood, California

August 14th is the date, and World of Wonder storefront is the place for the fourth and biggest year yet for the I Am 8 Bit Art Show.

Hundreds of artists, video game fans, and art aficionados converge to check out some amazing paintings, sculptures and more, and of course have a great time with some great music! This year we are going to be art critiquing to the sounds of DJ R-Rated and Computer Jay.

Check the flyer above or hit up the official I Am 8 Bit Art Show website for full details on the event. This year the gallery runs until September 7th, but it is all about the opening night of course! I may be in attendance, so hope to see you there!

Doctor Octoroc's bead sprite clinic open for your patronage!

Feeling ill? well board certified Doctor Octoroc has your cure! Bead sprites and other amazing artwork from him! What? Bead sprites don't cure anything? Well, they won't make you feel worse! So stop complaining and buy something from him today!

He has many an epic piece of work on his Etsy profile. many such things you can see below in his flash store. Clicking on one of the pictures below will take you straight to the product page for ordering. He has some amazing sprite work from tons of games from NES to XBox 360 and back. Also some amazing 3D gaming consoles, including my personal favorite, the Luigi green Gameboy Color. Also in many a different price range so you can't act like you can't afford it. when was the last time you saw a doctor working his craft for about ten dollars? Don't answer that, just head to Doctor Octoroc's store and check it out right now!


8-Bit Artist goes Mode 7

Looks like the ever impressive 8-Bit Artist has gone super and stepped up to 16-bits recently. Super Nintendo being the best system ever in my opinion, these paintings have simply amazed me every time he finishes one off. Check out the canvas paintings below. These hand painted masterpieces can very easily be mistaken for screenshots of the games they originate from! Also, both the Mario Kart and Zombies Ate My Neighbors paintings are both currently on sale for you prospective buyers out there! If interested in purchasing them, or if you want to check out more of his magnificent art (and you SHOULD want to), head over to his myspace page and check out his enormous body of work.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past acrylic/magnet perler beads on canvas 36x36

Super Mario Kart acrylic on stretched canvas 20x16

Zombies Ate My Neighbors acrylic on stretched canvas 16x12

8 Bit Instrumental - Mega Man 2 Soundtrack Beat the 8 Super Robots With 8 Bit Instrumental album release and art contest

Brazilian musician's 8 Bit Instrumental have released a devastatingly impressive full length tribute to Mega Man entitled Beat the 8 Super Robots With 8 Bit Instrumental. The album is available for free from their website (translated version at this link) and clicking through the "Mega Man Soundtrack 2" link on the left. The album is a lengthy 45 minutes and includes the following 14 tracks, along with a word from 8BI.

Mega Man 2 is for us one of the best soundtracks ever composed, so we decided to make our tribute to those wonderful songs. This album is fully produced by the band 8 Bit Instrumental from Brazil, and we hope everyone enjoy it.

1. Welcome to the Wily's Happy Party (Opening & Title Theme)
2. Select how to rock your bosses (Select Stage/Boss)
3. Funk Bubble (Bubble Man Stage)
4. Ordinary Man (Flash Man Stage)
5. The Voyager (Quick Man Stage)
6. Metal Disco (Metal Man Stage)
7. Cara de Pau (Wood Man Stage)
8. Hard Core Man (Air Man Stage)
9. Rush Hour? Crash Hour!(Crash Man Stage)
10. Fusion Toez (Heat Man Stage)
11. Password
12. I Hate Blue Robots (Dr. Wily Stages 1-5)
13. Huge Bosses (Boss Battle Theme)
14. Vacation in Miranda's Beach? (Ending Theme)

Also, along with their newest release, they are having a contest to see who can design the best cover art for this impressive album! To find out more about the contest you can check out their website (again, translated version at this link) for all the info, or email them directly at 8bitvgm[at]gmail[dot]com. The winner will receive a prize package including the album, shirts, and more! So if you are an artist, try your hand at this contest, which ends February 15th, 2008.

Cacomistle creates Earthbound calendar, Earth saved.

This is utterly awesome, but you don't need me to explain that to you. Cacomistle has created one amazing piece of Earthbound art. If you want to celebrate every month in SNES era style, then check out Cacomistle's fantastic calendar, which he bluntly explains here.

I spent a lot of time making this.
I hope you enjoy it.
There is a Where's Waldo thing going on in it. Where's Magic Butterfly? it's in each month.

Here are images of each month.

or a zip of the BITMAPS here http://www.sendspace.com/file/gjbf0y

I originally made this in calendar form (where you fold it in half)
so if you want to do a little arranging with the pages, you can use this one.
it's in zip format.

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8-bit Artist returns with Pipe Painted Mega Man

The ever talented 8-bit artist has come back from hiatus with a stunning Mega Man painting, not just any plain old canvas painting either. He came up with a double sided rendition of Mega Man on 23 pipes. With each pipe at 21 inches tall. 360 degrees painted all around. One side shows the classic Blue Bomber, while the opposite side shows Mega Man with his hard earned Heat Man suit. Check out the stunning artwork below. Also, if you were considering spending some cash on this, sorry to break it to you, but it's already sold.

Blue Bomber Suit side 180 degrees

Heat Man Suit side 180 degrees

360 degrees painted all around animated .gif

Be sure to check out more amazing work from 8-bit artist at myspace.com/8bitartist.