Armcannon - Legvacuum album release

Fantastic friends Armcannon just released their new album Legvacuum to everyone online, of course this is a must buy from the strongest growing band in VG Rockin'. Here they are to tell you all about it!

Hey guys, a bunch of you already picked up the album at MAGfest, but I'm happy to tell you that Armcannon's debut album Legvacuum is now available for sale online. We've been working on this one since June or so, I (Dan) did almost all the recording and mixing and Chris our keyboardist did all the artwork. I'm pretty proud of how it came out. We wanted to keep the cost low, so it's $8 plus shipping.

Anyways the tracklisting is....

- Kraid
- Megaman 3
- Techno (originalish)
- Super Metroid
- Boomer Kuwanger
- Tecmo Superbowl
- Final Fantasy 7 boss
- Zelda

Just click on the BUY NOW button on our myspace page to purchase. You can use your paypal account or just use a credit card. Huzzah!

For more Armcannonness, check out our very very old interview with them. We need an up to date interview don't we? I'm on it!