8-Bit Weapon - Reset Generation Soundtrack album release

So, I imagine some folks may be wondering what California native chiptune artist 8-Bit Weapon has been up to lately. Well he's recently let me know! He's been hard at work creating the soundtrack to forthcoming title Reset Generation, a cool little game about video games! Here's the email he just sent my way explaining a bit about it.

Hi Folks @ GM4A,

Nokia releases chiptune soundtrack to their forthcoming PC/mobile game "Reset Generation"!

RESET GENERATION is the title of the forthcoming multiplayer Cell/PC game from Nokia & Redlynx! Reset Generation will be released for FREE this summer for PC players, and will cost approx. $10 for Cell phone users.

IGN says, "Inviting to play and unfairly addictive, this fast-paced, multiplayer puzzle game is designed to be a dream come true for game fans: it's a videogame about videogames!"

Download the ENTIRE chiptune soundtrack by 8 Bit Weapon here for FREE.


-- Seth :)

So there you have it! Go download the new soundtrack, and grab the game when it drops, it looks like it should be some old school style fun.