SUBCON 32: 2 Mello EarthBIG tribute

All Earthbound, All Notorious. All 2 Mello. This is my first single album SUBCON podcast and it is in tribute to the longtime podcast mainstay 2 Mello and his most recent mashup adventure album EarthBIG. If you are too lazy to read my review, then this is the podcast for you. Unless you listen to the podcast on YouTube, because I don't expect an uncut version to sit on YouTube for long.


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"Onett Funk," "Kick Inn The Door," "Dead Winds," ".MID Poppa" by 2 Mello from EarthBIG


"Super Dry Dance" by Keiichi Suzuki and Hip Tanaka from the SNES game Earthbound

"PK Crush (Instrumental)," "Get Sanctuary," "Home Sweet Hypnosis," "The Melody Has Changed," & ".MID Poppa" by 2 Mello from EarthBIG Instrumentals