SUBCON 48 Year End Special, Pokemon Moon, Paper Mario

It's a year end spectacular! I've got thoughts, opinions, predictions, reviews, and previews in this hour long episode! Also bumping plenty of hip hop and music from great artists and albums I've enjoyed throughout the year!


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“Where Are We Going?” By FrivilousShara from the Feel Good Vibes EP

“Jet Set On My Grind (Ft Ricky Spanish & SkyBlew)” by 1-UP from Nerdcore Emulation Station 3

“SVK” by GameBreax from GameBreakers Vol 2

“Too Many Noobs” by Nonsenze AKA Dork Geniuz from Game Dork: Eat Sleep Kill Zombies

“Super” by GamerGad

“Looking for a Heartbeat” by Voodoo Lion from Episode IV: Open Worlds, Endless Lives