SUBCON 31: Xenoblade vs Popolocrois head to head review

This week I get in depth with both Return to Popolocrois A Story of Seasons Fairytale and Xenoblade Chronicles X with a point by point head to head review. I also give my top picks for the recently passed Winter 2016 anime season. This episode also features new music from Spacegirl Gemmy, Jahn Rome, DJ MMA and more!


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"Flexin (Prod. JvstX & ChopGodLewi) by Jaqkel

"Catch Your Fire [feat. Ehiorobo & Spacegirl Gemmy]" by Omniboi

"Way Back (Prod FKA Yandere)" by Jahn Rome from the WINTER IN COLOR EP

"Oh My God! (Troll 2)" by Mayor Wertz from the Midnight Movies EP


"(8-Bit Trash OST) - Brutal Man" and "(Donkey Kong -GBC) My Life" by DJ.MMA Productions

"Bloodlines (Castlevania - Dracula X)" by General Offensive, TheDonStrife, Mrsonic699, JREDD, DBOYD, Tom Miller, Swerdmurd, VECTRAX, Dexter, CosmoBG, Senn, Aaron Hickman, The Blu3Pr1nt. Organized by Raising Waves. Mastered by Toni Leys. Via Relay Bros SoundCloud page.

"Shisetsu - Yoshimitsu TKN3 RMX" by Chief Takinawa from the Hannya EP

"I Run These Pipes, SON! (SMB 1-2 remix)" by That Andy Guy

"World 1-1 Baby Steps" by Fat Bard from the Blitz Breaker OST

"Crash Bomb in the Lobby" by Mutherpluckin' B from Nintendosploitation

"005" by Froskees from the Low Spirits EP

"that flame for u luv u all <3" (Chrono Trigger remix) by Internet User

Music from Return to Popolocrois A Story of Seasons Fairytale

"Yakou Mori" by Hiroyuki Sawano from Xenoblade Chronicles X

"Digital Storm" by Eight Bit Battle Cat

Theme of Oni [Remastered] by Hideki Naganuma from Atusmare Guru Guru Onsen

"Ending Theme" by Barry Leitch from SNES game Top Gear