Metroid Metal upcoming album release Varia Suite

When you think of lonely and hostile alien planets teaming with evil monstrous creatures and long forgotten ruined civilizations, what else do you think of? If you guessed metal you are damned right! Lucky for you too, as Metroid Metal, number one in hostile alien parasite metal, has announced an all new studio album known as Varia Suite and featuring the crew of Metroid Metal Live! Also that album is available for pre-order right now! The album is available for pre-order in two packages, $8 for just the CD, or you can go all out and get the album, plus an amazing MM shirt and sticker for a cool $20.

The album is set to feature all new recordings and rearrangements of classic Metroid tracks spanning a good chunk of the series and will be released September 8th (so suck it all you 09/09/09 release dates!). For aural proof of the amazingness that is this album, just watch the preview video below. Also, if you are in the Seattle, Washington area, be sure to see the band at the Penny Arcade Expo for a sure to be incredible performance Friday, September 4th!