Breath of Fire III (Remastered Tracks), Sean Schafianski's tribute to the music of the classic RPG


A tribute to the Playstation classic. Schafianski remasters and rearranges an album worth of tracks for Capcom RPG, Breath of Fire III.

As with many of my previous remastered albums, I strive to keep the essence of the original tracks while adding a bit of flair. For this album, I went a little bit further with creative liberties, but not too far. A flute solo here, change of texture there, and so on. It was an honor and a privilege to work with fellow Materia Collective musicians, and a couple artists I had never worked with before!

This album holds a very special place in my heart, as it is one of the first PlayStation RPGs that I played as a child, and the jazzy, upbeat soundtrack stuck with me ever since. I hope that listeners will feel the same energy, joy, and nostalgia that I did while revisiting this amazing soundtrack.

released October 2, 2017

”Breath of Fire III (Remastered Tracks)” was made possible by the following individuals:

Sean Schafianski: Producer
Catie Vercammen-Grandjean: Album art design
— Sean Schafianski