Welcome to FIGHT CITY, the Streets of Rage inspired Sega chiptune album by DJ SUPER SONIC

There is only one way out of FIght City, that's right! By fighting! That is also the only way into Fight City. It's also how you pay for a great deal of goods and services. The point is. DJ Super Sonic takes that wonderful FM chip and channels his inner Yuzo Koshiro to create the blood pumping sounds of Fight City. If you need some music that makes you want to start a fight, then move slightly to the right, just so you can start another fight, then this is your soundtrack!

This original album was inspired by the legendary works of Yuzo Koshiro.

Cover Art by Ghost Bat

released May 30, 2017

Dedicated to Robert Wilfong, Tony Ness, and Bertski Leftwich II.