Welcome to FIGHT CITY, the Streets of Rage inspired Sega chiptune album by DJ SUPER SONIC

Welcome to FIGHT CITY, the Streets of Rage inspired Sega chiptune album by DJ SUPER SONIC

There is only one way out of FIght City, that's right! By fighting! That is also the only way into Fight City. It's also how you pay for a great deal of goods and services. The point is. DJ Super Sonic takes that wonderful FM chip and channels his inner Yuzo Koshiro to create the blood pumping sounds of Fight City. If you need some music that makes you want to start a fight, then move slightly to the right, just so you can start another fight, then this is your soundtrack!

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Treasure Buster Original Soundtrack is a love letter to Sega Genesis by Norrin_Radd

Norrin Radd drops an infectious collection of Sega Genesis FM chip based arrangements, 

This is Norrin_Radd meets Sega Genesis!

It is my humble pleasure to be able to present this album to all of you. I have to thank Reggie Schreiber for putting this project together and for letting me get *plenty* weird with the music. The entire soundtrack is written using accurate Sega Genesis 4OP FM synthesis, and accurate percussion.

Follow my ongoing series “Treasure Buster Composition Methods” on YouTube for an inside look at how all this crazy stuff was created and what my influences were.

And don’t forget to play the game! Reggie has outdone himself in every possible way and is a fantastic collaborator! Without him I wouldn’t have had the ability to dedicate 4 months making and paying tribute to Sega Genesis FM music!

Wondering what the big deal is about FM? Check out the #SummerOfFM

Artwork by Reggie Schreiber
— Matt Creamer Audio

Genesis inspired techno in Sega System by Potential differenSe

Fall into a world of FM chip based techno, IDM, and more with Sega system by Potential differenSe and DETROIT UNDERGROUND

The specificity of this Ep is that 90% of the samples are from Sega™ mega drive 16 bit console.

The man behind the music project is a musician / programmer from Saint Petersburg in Russia, active for many years already, releasing on several net labels like Nenormalizm, SKRM ,Phonocake and others as well as via self promotion on Bandcamp.Starting in 2008 was released official remix on Xestatic’s “tlc” as Ivan L. at Ninja tune.

Album design by eBoy™ www.eboy.com


FM chip based metal in the HARD RESET [EP] by Mrsonic699 & General Offensive

Blast processing. 

Hope you love the FM chip because oh shit. This is some great teamwork from Mrsonic699 and General Offensive. This album has sunk it's teeth in me. I am in such need of a VG Metal podcast. That crunchy FM chip sitting in the Sega Genesis gets me every time, especially with the intense rock style that leaves you with a sense of dread, and a need to rock out on every track.

HARD RESET, the collaborative album between Mrsonic699 and General Offensive, hopes to bring you the huge power and richness of the rough 16-bit Genesis/Mega Drive synths, combined with modern flavour and blood-pumping rock music!
It spans over multiple musical genres, composed in a fresh, but nostalgic modern style.

We bring this album to you as a free download, but upon purchasing it, you will be emailed bonus tracks and exclusive content from us as soon as possible! One new original composition, one 16-bit remix of General Offensive’s “In Blissful Ignorance”, vgm and vge tracker files for the track “Whisky Gloves”, which means you can look at all the composition and instruments of the song, or play it on real hardware!

MRSONIC699 (Teodor Dumitrache)

GENERAL OFFENSIVE (Alexandru Ungureanu)

JREDD (Trevin Hughes)
— General Offensive

The Flight Away uses Sega Genesis to create vibrant pop melodies in Sega Swing

Perhaps it is because of the shadow of Michael Jackson that lives on in the Sega Genesis' FM chip. Maybe it's the pop sensibilities of Jun Senoue and Crush 40 from the Sonic The Hedgehog series. All I know is that the Genesis is custom built for the catchy synth sounds captured in The Flight Away's latest album, Sega Swing.

Pop music isn't always the most well-liked, especially in a genre as niche as VG inspired Genesis sampled chiptune music, but those pop sensibilities are necessary and very much appreciated as I continue to adventure through the vibrant depths of video game inspired music.