Vibrant old school remixes & mashups by Shag in 'Negative Visualization'

This is one of my foray's off the beaten track of VGM, but I'll allow it if the artist has proven his penchant for videogame based music in the past. Shag certainly proved that with aforementioned albums Flyrule and Flyrule: A Terrible Fate, and appearing on the classic Marcus & Rome album Rated 'D' For Dope. Basically this man's nerd credentials are unimpeachable. His beats are incredible too.

There are so many good vibes, clever mixes, and an overall nostalgia inducing vibe thanks to the mellow beats and old school vocals. This is the perfect album to welcome the cool weather up here in the northern hemisphere. The vibes emanating from tracks like Nothin' Changed and Thought U Knew.