Rhymes and video game remixes in The Cartridge family by JimmyTheLoch


Fresh beats. Hot rhymes. The Cartridge Family slid easily into my playlist.

Catch JimmyTheLoch spitting over remixes of Chrono Trigger, some underworld Super Mario Bros, and even a room shaking Pokemon battle theme. Listen to Jimmy kill it on the mic over 13 tracks. "False Psychic" is the aforementioned Pokemon track, and it has become a stand out track. My personal favorite from the album currently, is the Tetris inspired 'Blocks' which has one hell of a hook that I can't get out of my head, no matter how many lines are destroyed.

I am getting spoiled on legit VG rap in this day and age. JimmyTheLoch holds it down over a full album, and has remained a mainstay of music for me since hitting play for the first time when the album dropped back in July. 

Grab the full Cartridge Family album by naming your own price on the albums official bandcamp page, or stream the full album below!