Listen to Geeky Gals OST Mixtape 'RETRO IS COOL!'

If it features music not just from Castlevania, but also from Puyo and Gunstar Heroes, then I feel pretty compelled to share. Check out the album compiled by Heidi of the Geeky Gals website and fall back in love with some lesser known original game themes on this 10 track mixtape

Here’s our third mixtape! This time I’ve put together some songs I think are really cool! And retro game music sure can sound really cool!😀 Some songs just make you feel like a total badass when you’re playing with those pixels on your TV ^_^ Below you’ll find a list of the songs in the playlist where you find information about the tunes, games and artists. Beneath that is the playlist with some real classics from old Nintendo and Sega games that you’ll be sure to recognize, and other songs that you might not know as well😉 I hope you’ll enjoy the tunes we’ve picked!
— Geeky Gals