VGM All-Star compilation SOUND WAVES: A Tribute to Ecco the Dolphin

An ocean of music. 

This compilation has over a hundred total musicians paying tribute to beloved niche game soundtrack Ecco the Dolphin. Best believe I'm going to be jamming to this over the next couple weeks. It's going to take quite some time to dig through this vast ocean of new music, but I am game for the challenge. 

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the entire series, or you only played for five minutes on your friend’s Sega Channel before quitting in a fit of rage, Ecco the Dolphin made a distinct impression on gamers across the globe with its unexpected, immersive, and haunting world of marine exploration, aliens, and time travel. Once Colleen and I began thinking about how we wanted to follow-up our last compilation, Super VG Christmas Party, the unique ambiance of these soundtracks came to mind almost immediately. Spencer Nilsen, András Magyari, Brian Coburn, Attila Héger, Attila Dobos, Andy Armer, Tim Follin, Gábor Foltán, László Fazekas, Csaba Gigor, David Young, and Brad Kaiser crafted such a beautiful soundscape for these games, and the massive group of diversely talented musicians that have stepped forward to join us in paying tribute to these great aquatic themes is both overwhelming and deeply appreciated. I encourage you all to check out the eight original soundtracks, as well as support the other works of the various bands and artists featured on this album. Thanks so much for listening!
— Ian Luckey, Producer