Game music collective Pixel Mixers present a tribute to classic 2D Legend of Zelda with the Hylian Downfall compilation

An album dedicated to the music of Legend of Zelda. Now this is something I won't get sick of. I won't even feign to be sick of it, the way I do with Final Fantasy or Tetris. There are three discs worth of music here, which adds up to over 2 hour, for anyone who doesn't remember discs that played roughly 80 minutes of music. Sixty musicians cover dozens of songs, all from back before these newfangled 3-dimensional Zelda games hit the scene. It's all classic top down themes (except the side-scrolling Zelda 2, of course), and it's time to take a deep dive into Pixel Mixers' tribute to classic Zelda games.

Hello my friends, today is album release day 😀

After few “niche” games we wanted to make a tribute album for something really big and famous, so we picked “The Legend of Zelda” series.

This album features 50 songs from the very first games:
– The Legend of Zelda (composed by Koji Kondo)
– The Adventure of Link (composed by Akito Nakatsuka)
– A Link to the Past (composed by Koji Kondo)
– Link’s Awakening (composed by Kazumi Totaka, Kozuo Ishikawa & Minako Hamano)

You can download our album for free by clicking on this picture =>

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Or directly with this link:

We gathered more than 60 musicians to make a free album with 2h15m of pure musical nostalgia from those amazing classics!
This is one of our biggest album yet and the heart that everybody put in their work really shows the love for Zelda Games musics.
— Pixel Mixers